Sunday, 19 June 2016

This week was amazing!!!

It started with a great exchange with Soeur Lowder! She is such a
superstar and it was so fun being with her. It was also the first time
I had stayed in Annemasse for an exchange and I didn't even get us
lost! I was quite proud :) :)

That evening we had a mangez-vous with the Van Hauvermat family and
they gave us Rootbeer!!! It was so good. They're such a fun family and
we always have an amazing time with them.

Wednesday we had a rdv with our Amis Anne-Marie and Patrice. They're
friends of a member family and so we all spent the afternoon together
and since Annemarie is an amazing chef she taught us how to make
delicious cakes!! So watch out everyone because I can cook like a
French person now!

We also got to see Nina this week who is our engagé and she'll be
getting baptized this week!!! We're so excited for her and especially
for her family. She's been an amazing example to her other siblings
and we're hoping they that will be touched by the spirit at the
baptismal service.

I can't remember if I said anything about the challenge president gave
us 2 weeks ago? His challenge was for us to find new Amis! It has been
our weakest key indicator for a while and it was so cool to see
Annemasse just light up for the past two weeks. Soeur Holmgren and I
had set a goal to find 20 new Amis in 2 weeks which was like really
pushing it since the normal would be 1-2. But we're pleased to report
that we found 21 new Amis!!! It was amazing! Throughout the week we
would plan specific times to see miracles and it was amazing to see
how when we fixed that rdv with Heavenly Father, He would always send
us someone. Almost every conversation we had would turn into a 30
minute street lesson and then fixing a follow up rdv.

To too this amazing week off we drove to Lyon with the Annecy sisters
(road trip!) for our sisters conference on Monday. Best part was that
Sunday night we got to sleepover at the mission home! Us and 4 other
sisters stayed the night. We ate a delicious meal made by soeur brown
and then we stayed up chatting with Soeur Brown till 11:30 haha. But
President gave us permission so it was ok!

Monday morning we woke up early and helped Soeur brown make pancakes
for all the sisters. We had a delicious pancake breakfast and then we
spent the day at the mission home learning what it was like to walk in
a sister missionaries shoes. It was such a fun day and the spirit was
so strong. It was nice to know that soon I'll be leaving the mission
in good hands and that the younger sisters are completely ready to
start taking on more responsibilities.

We also got to stop by Monday evening to see the Sweeney's and Joanne!
They Sweeney's started their mission just a little after me and
they've been a huge source of love and support throughout my mission.
So we got to have a quick little visit with them and then back on the
road again for another road trip and then Annecy Soeurs slept over

I love my mission so much and it's getting scary as I start to realize
that I won't have many more weeks like this. I'm so lucky to be
serving in the best mission in the world (I know, I'm biased) and to
be surrounded be so many wonderful examples.

Je vous aime!
Sœur Kearney

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