Sunday, 19 June 2016


This week was amazing!! We started the week with an exchange! Surprise
surprise haha. Sometimes I feel like I'm never with my actual
companion haha. But we had an exchange with the Annecy sisters who are
both SO fun! We love spending time with them. Anytime we can find an
excuse to have a sleepover we take it haha. Soeur Thompson and I went
to some outer villes with their calls and visited some members. Then
that evening Soeur Holmgren and I switched back and visited a part
member family. We had tons of fun playing around the world ping pong
with their 3 boys.

Wednesday we went to Cluses another outer ville to visit Nina's mom
who is slowly coming back to church. We had a great but short rdv with
her because of he darn strikes but it was worth it!

Thursday I became a Spanish speaking missionary for the day and did an
exchange in Geneva with the sisters in the Spanish Ward. I honestly
couldn't really tell you what we did because I didn't really
understand it haha.

Friday we had a zone finding day in Geneva! The whole zone came to
Geneva and we tore up the city with about 30 missionaries talking to
everyone! It was super fun and I FINALLY got to be companions with the
only other Canadian sister, Soeur Christensen. Haha we loved telling
people that we were both from Canada because usually it goes "je suis
canadienne et elle est américaine?" But not this time! That evening we
had a surprise rdv with our recent convert Jocelyn and... SOEUR
MONSON! She goes by Maren now though haha. She's a missionary that
served in this mission and came back for a visit.

Saturday we spent the day in the mountains with a part member family.
We were able to teach a super cool lesson #SermonOnTheMount

Finally Sunday was the coolest! The Western European inter-region had
a massive stake conference! So all 72 stakes in the inter-region had
like an almost mini general conference with an ALL-STAR line up! We
got to hear from Elder Kearon who has visited our mission and few
times and we love him! Then we heard from Bonnie Oscarson and is the
coolest and then Bishop Caussé who comes from France and THEN the
France Lyon Missions favorite apostle, Elder Christofferson! It was a
great Sunday and since is was the transmission we only had 2 hours of
church instead of 6! That meant we had time to do proselyting on
Sunday! Which was a super miracle for us and we were able to find 3
new Amis that afternoon and the extra time helped us get our 20
lessons for the week!

And of course we ended off our amazing week with a sleepover with the
Annecy sisters!

Je vous aime tous!
Sœur Kearney

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