Monday, 27 June 2016

I don't know where to start this week! Well we'll start with what's
most important! NINA WAS BAPTIZED!!! I am SO proud of her! She is such
a special little girl with such a desire to follow the Savior. She is
going to be a wonderful blessing to her family and a great example to
her siblings. This has been a really special experience getting to
know Nina and her family. They have very little but they have so much
faith. Nina's mom was reactivated through the process of teaching Nina
and even though they have so little Sr. Baccovin is always so able to
see the hand of the Lord in their life. I'm excited to see that family
keep progressing.

The Ward has also been amazing with this baptism. They've supported
the whole family and did a great job at helping us organize
everything! I was one proud missionary of the Annemasse Ward this

But anyways, that was jumping to the end of my week. Earlier this week
we also wee able to attend 2 district meeting! Both district leaders
went home this week and for their district meetings they left
everything out on the table. It was great to see the fire that they
still had for missionary work. Although, I have to be honest. My
favorite part was probably during lunchtime after the Salève district
meeting. We had 4 missionaries in that district who went home this
week and for their last public role play we had them role play asking
someone out on a date haha! They all did an ok job but one elder did
awful! But anyways, it was funny and we were able to give them some
pointers for their first few weeks back haha.

Thursday evening we went to the Coppel's house and guess what.. They
had a friend over!!! Her name is Julia and she is SO cool! We had a
great lesson with her AND she came to church on Sunday!! She really
enjoyed it and we are now just trying to find a time when she is free
so we can teach her again! Yay members!!!

Geneva zone in front of the reformers monument!

Our exchange with Annecy!

Baking with Anne-Marie

Salève district picture! We stacked a chair for every transfer we had been in the mission! 

Soeur Monson up for a visit! 

Soeur Roldan and I! Haha it was really sunny really sunny

Lake Geneva

Homemade soup, baguette, cheese, and of course our greens ;) 


Noah getting us ready for the EuroCup! #vivelafrance 

Us and the elders visiting Nina and her family

We had a mini birthday party for Soeur Canino at the border! #GenevaZone

All the sisters

My MTC group practicing our flirting techniques haha 

It rained after our conference so a few of us decided to play in the rain!

After the Coppel's us and the Annecy sisters headed home for a
sleepover! And keeping with tradition with eve before transfer calls
we did Tim tam slams! Delicious! Friday morning we got the call from
President and sadly Soeur Holmgren is leaving me and heading to Lyon!
We were both pretty bummed not to be able to stay together but that
was quickly washed away when President says: "Soeur Kearney, are you
sitting down?" And said yes and then he says "Well you will be staying
in Annemasse (YES!) and your new companion will be SOEUR SMITH!"
Hahaha needless to say I screamed and started jumping around!

If anyone doesn't remember Soeur McClellan and I trained Soeur Smith
back in aubagne about 6 months ago. Ever since I've been bugging
President to let me serve with her again since we only stayed one
together. My wish finally came true just in time for my last

We're so excited to be together and to kill it here in Annemasse this transfer!

Je vous aime tous!
Sœur Kearney

Ice cream!n

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