Sunday, 19 June 2016



I feel like this has been the week of sleepovers! We started the week
in Geneva for zone conference! It was of course tons of fun seeing
everyone. This transfer we are really focusing on finding new Amis so
it was nice to get some new contacting ideas on how we can find new
Amis. We're a lucky some to have gotten zone conference. The train
company here in France is on strike and so they had to cancel a bunch
of some conferences because there's no way for missionaries to travel
anymore! Luckily in our zone none of us need to take trains to get to

Then we did an exchange with the Geneva Lac sisters and I got to be in
Geneva! I spent the night with them which was so fun because them and
the Spanish sisters actually live in the old Geneva mission home! It's
so nice to be somewhere that actually has counter space! I was with
Soeur Canino who is from Italy! She is the cutest little thing ever!

Wednesday I was back in Annemasse with Soeur Holmgren. We went to see
our engagé Nina. That was another battle with the strikes but we made
it! Nina is 10 years old and is SO excited to be baptized!

Thursday we had a wonderful dinner with Soeur Morel, an older lady
from the ward. She's amazing! Even though her faith is declining she
does everything she can to serve others. That evening Soeur Thompson
and Soeur Christensen (from Edmonton!) came for a sleepover! Those 2
are SO much fun!

The next morning we all went to district meeting! After that we headed
back to Geneva for an exchange with the Spanish Sisters! I was with
Soeur Roldan who is from Spain! She is absolutely adorable!

Sunday was HECTIC! Having 2 wards is crazy haha, I love it though.
Running around is so much better then not having anything to do. Plus
the members in both wards are amazing so I can't complain. Then Sunday
evening I finally got to do skype with my family! It was perfect
timing for Mothers Day here in France!

I love you all! Have a great week!
Je vous aime
-Soeur Kearney

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