Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week I feel like I've been everywhere! We started the week in
Lyon for Mission Leadership Council. It was so much fun! We got there
Monday evening and went to master taco!!! So good! Then we had a huge
sleepover! You put 12 sisters in one apartment and pure craziness. So
fun though. I was in a room with my MTC sisters (Soeur Wilsher, Soeur
Fagg, and Soeur McClellan) and we had so much fun! We talked way too
much and were pretty tired the next day but it was worth it. We had a
lot to catch up on!

Tuesday the conference was of course wonderful! You will never guess
what the theme of this transfer is for our mission... Lighting our
mission on fire! Haha the irony was ridiculous. But it was an
inspirational theme. The spirit of God, like a fire is burning. We
want to be using that spirit to bring people into Christ. And as a
mission we want to be  working as hard as we can and truly spreading
that fire (spirit) everywhere. We also talked about binding Satan and
we want to try and purify ourselves as a mission. To do all we can to
become consecrated missionaries. In all I think this will be an
amazing transfer!

Then we had a couple days to work in our sector and I feel like we
were running everywhere! We had quite a few rdvs to fit  to two days
but we did it! One of them was with Dr. Seif! He's a man we met in
centre ville last week. We had a super cool rdv with him at his
doctors for office! He was so open and had tons of questions. He was
are ally touched by the message of the restoration BUT he's too busy
to see us often enough so we aren't sure if he'll be able to progress
much further until his work slows down.

Friday we went to GENEVA! Switzerland!!! Finally my mission wish of
going to Switzerland came true! It's beautiful and we get to go back
like every week! Zone training went well and we had tons of fun with
our zone.

Then this weekend was stake conference! So we were in Geneva again and
had a sleepover with our sisters in the old Geneva mission home. It's
was so cool staying not in a tiny apartment and it had a REAL kitchen!
Amazing haha.

Stake conference was amazing!!! It makes me so proud to see all these
faithful saints who are mostly pioneers for their families gathered
together in such large groups. The work here is progressing and the
church is strong. The local leaders show so much and faith for the
people they serve. It amazes me.

I love you all so so much!
Soeur Kearney

My MTC soeurs at MLC

Me and Soeur Holmgren at the Swiss border!

Lunch with David and Sylvia. David got the Melchizedek priesthood on Sunday!

For pday today we helped elder Oborn poor out his heart to the girl he loves haha.

After our Saturday session of stake conference the Browns bought us all kebabs!

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