Monday, 2 May 2016

PHILIPPE WAS BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!! Sorry, I'm jumping ahead but it
was by far the highlight of the week! We saw Philippe almost everyday
before Saturday and he was hilarious! He was so nervous and stressed
but it all came together wonderfully. The only problem was that the
hot water to fill up the font wasn't working so me and Soeur Vandroux
were at the chapel super early boiling water and adding it to the
font. Philippe assured us the water was warm haha.

I think my favorite part was after it was all done though. Philippe
was SO HAPPY! He kept saying how good he felt. We were sure to remind
him that he was feeling the Holy Ghost!

Ok but jump back to the beginning of our week. Oh my work this week
was the week of strikes and protests! Haha I don't know what's up but
EVERYONE is just mad haha. The train company in France was on strike
Monday evening until Wednesday morning which posed I big problem for
us trying to get to our zone conference. Zone conference was in
Bordeaux on Tuesday and so there was 10 of us traveling from Toulouse
Tuesday morning to get there. Our train was at 6am,  gross right? Well
we got to the car and of course, the conductor didn't show up so our
train was cancelled. So we ran to catch another train which would take
us to a ville so that we could catch a bus to take us to a ville where
we could catch a train to Bordeaux! The problem was that we weren't
the only missionaries getting stranded. About 30 of us weren't going
to make it on time so what they ended up doing is having half of our
zone conference Tuesday afternoon and the other half Wednesday
morning. It actually turned out to be really fun! We got to spend way
more time with each other and of course the Browns! There was only
about 8 sisters at the conference and so we all sat with Soeur brown
for 3 hours Tuesday afternoon and chatted the whole time! It was so
fun haha. Soeur Brown filled us in on all the news of the missionaries
back home.

Zone conference itself was wonderful of course! President Brown shared
the video that Soeur McClellan recorded in Toulouse with everyone!
That was so exciting! She did such an amazing job!

Another miracle this week was Anne! Anne referred herself on and we had our first lesson on Friday. Anne is a war
refugee from Congo. She's been in France for 8 years now. She shared
with us some of the things she suffered before she was in France and
it was awful. She had been taken prisoner and for years she lived
unimaginable things. But her faith amazes me and still thanks God for
His mercy and that he saved her. We shared the restoration with her
and when we invited her to baptism she wept. She said for a long time
she had been searching for the truth and she knew she had found it.
She is so special! I love her so much. I had so much love for her and
I could truly feel heavenly fathers love for one of his children. It
was overwhelming. She came to church on Sunday and loved it! She kept
telling everyone she wasn't a member YET but would be soon and invited
everyone to her baptism haha.

This has been an amazing week! I love Toulouse and I love the work
that is going on here.

Je vous aime
Soeur Kearney

The sisters with Soeur Brown and Soeur Horreau (her husband is in the mission presidency) 

Bordeaux Zone Conference! 

Philippe's baptism! 

Heehee so the elders came by to give us a new rug and they were struggling to park so of course I had to take a picture. 

So after the elders gave us the new rug Soeur Vandroux wanted to sleep on it haha. So we had a camp out and she slept on the rug and I slept on the couch. I knew the couch would come in handy! 

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