Monday, 16 May 2016


So first big news, transfer calls this week! I'm sadly leaving
Toulouse but I will be heading to.... ANNEMASSE!!! Annemasse is on the
Swiss border and we actually cover 2 wards so it's gonna be crazy and
tons of fun! The best part is that we're in a Swiss zone and we do
exchanges with the sisters and Geneva and Annecy so I'll be visiting
some of the most beautiful places in the mission!!! I am literally
over the moon excited about my new call! My new companion is Soeur
Holmgren who is so adorable! I was her STL in Toulouse a couple
transfers ago so we were already really good friends!

It was really hard leaving the Concord Ward though. I loved Toulouse
and especially loved the members there. The worst part about missions
are the goodbyes. I don't like them, not one single bit!

Also, most of you know about the fires going on back home. It's been
one of the harder weeks of my mission with everything going on back
home. My heart was torn between home and here BUT as missionaries we
are so blessed. My companion and I were surprised that this week we
were suddenly busier then all of our other weeks and I think it was a
blessing from Heavenly Father. Being busy helped me keep my mind of
the work and all I had to worry about were the people we were teaching
in that moment.

On top of all of that my mission family has been so wonderful! My
favorite office couple, the Sweeney's have been keeping me updated and
call to check up on me. President and Soeur Brown also called and
President had me call home so I got to talk to my family for a short
while to figure some things out. With everything being so crazy we
postponed our skype and will hopefully do it this weekend.

But no matter what the work goes on and we saw some wonderful miracles
this week. So of course Anne is doing wonderfully! She's super excited
about her baptism coming up and always has questions about how it will
work. We taught her the plan of salvation this week and it was
amazing. She had lots of questions and I was kinda nervous cause I was
like oh no, what if she's no agreeing with us. But she has already
gained her testimony of the Book of Mormon so she knows these things
are true. It makes teaching so much easier! When we teach her new
things she asks questions to understand but then accepts it and
rejoices in the new information she has learned.

We also saw Sandrine and Shannon this week. We had a great lesson with
them and invited them to be baptized! They both accepted! Mathias
wasn't there but hopefully he will be there this week and the sisters
can invite him and the whole family can be baptized together!

I love you all so much and know that I pray for you often! Especially
all those who have been affected by the fires back home.

Soeur Kearney
The shopping streets of Toulouse!

Tim tam slams with the sisters!

CAMILLE! She was my home girl in Toulouse haha

Saying goodbye to the wonderful Athenours family!

Cute little Shannon! Not me, the little girl haha.


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