Wednesday, 27 April 2016

This week has been AMAZING!!!!

So we started it off with an exchange with the Perpingnan sisters. I
went to Perpingnan with Soeur McKenna. We had so much fun! I adore
Soeur McKenna! She's the cutest sassiest British girl around. The only
downside was Perpingnan is farther south then Toulouse and so I got
super sunburnt haha.

Then on Thursday we headed down to Aubagne so that I could pick up my
legality in Aix. Which meant I got to have a sleepover with Soeur
Smith!!!! I swear we were in bed but we stayed up talking much too
late haha. We were super tired the next day but it was worth it. I'm
so proud of Soeur Smith and all the great work she's doing in Aubagne.

Friday morning we went to Aix and I got to do an exchange with Soeur
McClellan!!! We picked up my titre de sejour and then took the 5 hour
train back to Toulouse which meant lots of talking haha, it was great.
Saturday morning we went chez la famille Sorde and Soeur McClellan
actually recorded a song that we're going to be using in our mission!
It was so cool! Frere Sordes has this cool studio in their house and
Soeur McClellan recorded her first song ever! Stay tuned because there
will be more one day ;)

Then Saturday afternoon we switched back and Soeur Vandroux headed to
the church. The Browns were in Toulouse for stake conference so we
actually got Soeur Brown to teach Philipe with us! It actually went
super well! She brought such a special spirit to the lesson.

Philipe was really touched by some of the talks at stake conference
Saturday evening and said he was thinking about baptism again! Ah!
Sunday morning he came as well and after President Brown came up to
him and sparced him a bunch! After we had a rdv with Philipe and we
brought up baptism again and.... PHILIPE IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED THIS
SATURDAY!!!!! Aaahhhhhh!!!! He finally made the decision and he's so
ready! So now we're scrambling to plan a baptism haha. I'm so excited
though! After Philipe left we got to have a freak out session with the
Browns haha. But honestly it would not have been possible without
President and Sister Brown here this weekend. They sparced him so much
and really helped him feel Heavenly Fathers love.

And to top off our amazing week Sunday night a random person called
us. She was given our number from the call centre missionaries! We
have a rdv with her for Friday and she's already been reading the Book
of Mormon! Miracles upon miracles this week!

Je vous aime tous!
-Soeur Kearney

Exchange with Soeur McKenna! 

Recording with Soeur McClellan

The Brown's ordered us all pizza Saturday night and we all stayed at the chapel until 9:30 and then the Browns drove us home! 

Soeur Smith!!!

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