Monday, 16 May 2016


Well my first week in Annemasse has been wonderful! France never
ceases to amaze me. It has everything from sandy beaches to snowy alps
and I've gotten the chance to serve in both areas. I know I'm biased
but the France Lyon Mission is truly the most beautiful mission in the

Although I miss the south it's good for this Canadian to be up north
for the summer. It was kind of rainy this week but that didn't stop
the work going on here. The first week of the transfer is always nice
because we don't have any missionary meetings and no exchanges so we
get to spend the whole week in our sector getting work done. I was
able to meet our recent convert Jocelyn who is the classiest French
lady ever!

Wednesday we had a super cool miracle! We were at the church and we
ran into the stake president, President Coppel. First off he's super
cool and super sparky so we chatted for a while. Then we were like
well this has been nice but we need to go contact! And then he was
like hey sisters, do you mind if I pray with you quickly before you
go? And we were like of course! He says a beautiful prayer and then
off we go. In 40 minutes we talked to 3 people. Each person was super
fun and nice. We were able to have a lesson with one person on the
street and the other two we got their numbers and with one man we were
able to fix a rdv with him! Turns out he's a local doctor here so
we're super excited for our rdv next week!

More of the same went on the rest of the week but fast forward to
Sunday... THE MEMBERS HERE ARE AMAZING!!! Never have I ever felt more
loved and welcomed in my entire mission then in these 2 wars.
President Coppel is very missionary minded and it has rubbed off on
the entire stake. They love the missionaries and love doing missionary
work. We are so spoiled here and I'm so excited for the work that I
will be able to do with them.

In our first Ward, Salève, we showed up and President Coppel ran up to
us right away (he's in the Salève Ward) to inform us that a random guy
was here who said that the sisters used to teach him. His name is
Blaise and was actually someone Soeur Holmgren called like 2 months
ago and then he came! So we talked with him and then for Sunday school
we went to gospel principles but there was only us, Blaise, and the
elders. SO president Coppel joins us and we all end up teaching him.
Well actually, president Coppel teaches him and us and the elders
watch in awe as President Coppel does his stuff. Literally he should
be in the next district movie! So that was our big miracle for Sunday!

Je vous aime tous!
Soeur Kearney

So it's been cloudy all week so I haven't gotten the best pictures of the mountains but I thought this was so beautiful. The clouds on the mountains in a beautiful French neighbourhood!

Delicious patisseries!

La famille Gaud

The beautiful mountains that surround us here in Annemasse.

We were out porting and I got thirsty haha. Normally people just use the fountain to fill up their water bottles buuuut I forgot mine.

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