Wednesday, 20 April 2016


So this week I don't have tons of time so I'm gonna make it short!

We had a great week, we traveled a lot with 2 district meetings and
an exchange! But it was tons of fun. I love getting to spend time with
other missionaries, especially the sisters! I love them so much!

Our biggest miracle this week was Philippe! I can't remember what I've
mentioned about him but he's been struggling for a couple weeks. He
tried to drop us twice but I just kinda wouldn't let him haha. Anyways
he came to Emmanuel's baptism and he wasn't super open and then we
just asked if we could talk with him for a bit. We grabbed a member
and all we did was read a chapter from the Book of Mormon. And doing
that everything changed about him! The spirit touched him and he
became so much more engaged and back to being normal! The next day he
had a bike race in the morning but he came to church straight away (in
the rain might I add) and only got there like 20 minutes late! It
showed me how much the Book of Mormon changes lives. It's usually
slower but I got to see it happen within like 20 minutes, it was

Je vous aime!
Soeur Kearney

So after our district meeting in Albi we did a zone finding day. We took this picture at the end of the day. You might notice that Soeur Vandroux and I looked like drowned rats. Why? Because it poured rain. We didn't have umbrellas but we were like whatever! We kept contacting. The elders on the other hand all got ICE CREAM so that's why they're perfectly dry. They're lucky I have beaucoup of charity for them!

This is the cathedral in Albi! It's the biggest brick cathedral in France.. Or Europe maybe. Google it haha

Me and Elder Arne are in the same zone again! #clermontcrewreunited

Little Emmanuel got baptized on Saturday! Haha this is the best picture we could get with everyone. Timothée and Sephora didn't want to sit still

I brought the sisters in from Perpignan for a Pday today! The elders crashed our sisters day though haha.

We were walking in centre ville and we saw this map! Fort Mac made it! I was super sparced!

I also convinced everyone to go on a petit train with me for a tour of Toulouse!!! It was wonderful! And we have a rdv with the train driver later this week!

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