Monday, 4 April 2016


CONFERENCE WEEKEND!!!!!!! We had such a fun weekend here in Toulouse for conference. Between the 2 wards and all the missionaries here the chapel was a pretty happening place! We ate meals in between sessions and everything haha. It felt like a weekend getaway! I think the women's session was actually my favorite!  I felt like it was a call to battle against evil! as women we have such an important role to play in our families, wards, and societies. We influence more people then we imagine!

I also really enjoyed Elder Neil L. Andersen's talk. One because he served in the Toulouse mission #represent But also because his talk reminded me of all the wonderful people that influenced me when I was first getting to know the church. I touched me a lot as I started to reflect on how many people went out of their way to take me to activities, teach me, and welcome me in their homes.

Lastly, some cool news for the France Lyon Mission! President Roney, our old mission president, got called as an Area Seventy! Haha President Uchtdorf read his name Blake M. Rooney and we were all like wait... President Roney!? Then we all freaked out haha. We're hoping President Roney is assigned to Europe and he pays us a visit!

Earlier this week we had a rdv with Philippe! It went super well! At the end of it we explained general conference and how he could find answers during conference. As we talked about it I promised him that he would find an answer this weekend. I said it before I actually realized what I said haha. But then a feeling came over me and I knew that was a promised blessing that the Lord needed Philippe to hear. So I repeated it with a bit more conviction this time. After our member, Camille, bore testimony and she said that as a missionary I have the authority to promise blessings and she knew that that blessing came from the Lord. After she said that I was like wait a minute! She's right! Haha it's taken me a while but I finally understood the authority of my calling and the power that comes with it! As representatives of Jesus Christ we can make promises in His name for the people we teach. Of course we can't just say n'importe quoi (anything or whatever) but with the spirit we can know what we need to say and we can know that it's coming from the Lord.

I love you all very very much!
Soeur Kearney

Emmanuel and his little brother Timothée! After our lesson with Emmanuel we were talking with his mom and then Emmanuel came in and he had picked flowers for me and Soeur Vandroux!!!

General Conference Talks
These talks can help anyone and everyone!  It can also help bring understanding to the things that we believe in and stand for.

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