Saturday, 2 April 2016


So first off. We got our transfer calls aaannndd..... IM STAYING IN
TOULOUSE!!! But sadly Soeur Long has been violently taken away from me
:( She's beg transferred to Bayonne! Sometimes you gotta let your
little birdies fly! Haha but I'm receiving Soeur Vandroux! She's in
her third transfer and is from Lille which is in northern France. We
be speaking French all day err' day! Haha but she actually speaks
great English so we speak this crazy confusing mix of French and
English haha.

This past week was busy with district meetings! We attended our
district meeting and also the Béziers district meeting. It's always
fun to see other meetings but it's long days on trains and it's not
fun being out of our sector haha. But everyone is progressing very
well :)

Philippe is doing great! We are really trying to focus on the Book of
Mormon with him. He's coming to church every week, he has friends in
the Ward, and is dong all the things so he needs to be doing but he's
still struggling to receive his answer. As I was studying for Philippe
this week I reread Moroni 10:3-5. One thing that Moroni tells us is
that we have to pray with real intent. That means that we have to be
ready to act on the answers we receive. And I think that's going to be
key for Philippe. He has to promise Heavenly Father that he WILL act
on the answer that he receives about the Book of Mormon. Until then
Heavenly Father isn't going to answer him because the answer won't do
Philippe any good!

Things in our sector has also been getting hard since we no longer are
allowed to take the metros anymore. Which means we're on busses a
whole lot! But President is trying to keep us all safe so of course we
will be obedient! It's been a true blessing to be a missionary during
all of this. We hear about the problems but then we get to focus on
the work and forget about the scary things that are going on around
us. I'm grateful that all of my friends in the Paris mission are safe
and Lyon mission is praying for all of them!

I love you all so much!
Soeur Kearney

The elders had ran out of paper at their apartment so they used a stale tortilla to keep track of the winners haha.

Phillippe gave us chocolate eggs for Easter!

Toulouse p day! We played pétanque

Beautiful Toulouse

Concorde district meeting in Tarbes

At the Béziers district meeting we played egg dotching. I don't know why it's called that but you smash eggs together haha.

THIS is my new couch! I had to play some hardcore politics to get this couch and I finally succeeded!! Haha and when I say mission politics it means I complimented Elder Mahaffey (senior office couple missionary) on his tie and whined long enough for him to ok us getting a new couch, when they delivered it I was so happy.

Timtam slams!

The Concorde relief society sisters!

My adorable new companion!

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