Friday, 15 April 2016


This week stated in Lyon for Leadership Council! It was so fun! All
the sisters in my MTC group are all STLs and so we got to have a super
fun sleepover and spend a couple days together. I love the 3 of them
so much! Leadership council was so great! We talked a lot about this
transfers challenge. President had given us a challenge to baptize 91
people this transfer!! It's kinda a super crazy goal. Like that's
triple what we've done so far this year! But after last transfer
everyone has people on date so I think we can do it!!!

We got back to Toulouse Tuesday evening and got some good work done
throughout the week. Philippe has been struggling the last little bit.
He's facing a lot of opposition and we're pretty sure it's because his
date is coming up. He was telling how that he was feeling lost and
alone and we asked him if he had been reading the Book of Mormon and
praying everyday and he said no!!! Before when he was dog these things
daily he was progressing so well! It's the simple things that are so
so so important!

Sorry it's a short one this week but I love you all so much!
Soeur Kearney

The STLs with Soeur Brown

Reunited in Lyon!!!

Toulouse zone at zone training!

For pday we went shopping! We went with the elders because they wanted our "fashion advice" Guess who was the only one who bought stuff? That's right, yours truly haha.

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