Monday, 21 March 2016

223 ENGAGÉS!!!!! We did it! President Brown announced at our mission
conference that we had found 223 new engagés! That meant we found 46
on Sunday alone! When he said it at first I was super ecstatic and
then I just cried haha. It might sound silly but I felt the spirit
testify so strongly that this was the Lords work. Heavenly Father
tested our faith by this challenge and as a mission with our combined
faith the Lord worked MANY miracles!

And of course, Elder Christofferson!!! The day we had all been waiting
for this entire transfer finally arrived! We all got to shake his hand
and I even got a shoulder tap as well haha. I felt pretty special. It
was an incredible experience being taught be an apostle. I mean it
happens twice a year for general conference but to be able to ask him
questions and watch him as he received revelation for the answers was
amazing! My favorite part was near the end of his talk. For most of it
he was cracked a lot of jokes and was super funny. But at the end he
got very serious and said that he wanted to leave us with a special
blessing from the Lord. He then went and listed blessing so from the
Lord and what we needed to do to receive those blessings. One thing he
talked about was to live as if we were already in the millennium. To
live as if Satan is already bound. And obviously we can't bind Satan
for everyone but we can bind him in our own lives. Yea Satan is real
and he has power but the Savior is so much more powerful. If we rely
on the Lord and follow his commandments we can live as if Satan
doesn't even exist. We have the power to do that when we yoke
ourselves to the Lord.

The rest of the week flew by! I went on a wonderful exchange with
Soeur Haws! She's an amazing sister and is near the end of her
mission. It was so fun to be together for the day and to learn from
her! She used to be an STL and was able to give me some great pointers
since I've been feeling slightly overwhelmed between the STLing and

We also went to the tiniest village ever on Wednesday to visit a
referral! It was in Aigues-Vives and it was literally like 3 streets
haha. We ported the whole place! No one had ever seen Mormon
missionaries before so that was super cool.

This week I want to leave you all with a quote from elder Christofferson!
"I know that a lot of people don't believe it. So what!? It's still true!"

Haha it's as simple as that. It's true.

Je vous aime!
Soeur Kearney

We had a zone pday on Monday before the conference! We had a picnic at
the park and then had an Easter egg hunt!
Soeur Long and I hid the eggs so we stayed on the blanket while the elders looked for eggs! 

Haha they found the one in the garbage! 

Toulouse zone!

Clermont Crew! 

My MTC sisters! 

Aubagne trio reunited AGAIN :) 

My blues!!

The Canadian missionaries!!!

MTC group! We're all still kicking it! 

Soeur Fagg and I :) 

The Toulouse Titans went and got kebab's after our flight home :) 

Soeur Long's first kebab!!!! 

This is the little village we visited, Aigues-Vives! 

The entire France Lyon Mission with Elder Christofferson and his wife, Elder and Sister Dykes, the Léporé family, and the Brown's daughter and her family. Play spot the shandawg ;) 

Exchange with Soeur Haws :) 

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