Monday, 14 March 2016


(For those who aren't familiar with French, I've put some translations in blue beside Shannon's french words! lol)


So this week was possibly the hardest week but most amazing week of my
mission at the same time. I think I mentioned a couple weeks ago the
challenge that President Brown gave us to find 187 engagé for Elder
Christofferson. Well this week was our last week! At the beginning of
the week we had 90 left to find in one week! That meant about 1 for
each equipe (team). So we fill our week with tons of revs (appointments) and NOTHING WORKS!
We have tombez-vous after tombez-vous!(cancellation) I swear our entire mission
faced tons of opposition! I was SO discouraged (I have a picture to
prove it haha).

Thursday evening we got a text from president Brown and we still had
55 engagés to find! So Friday morning every equipe kneeled down in
prayer and we prayed for a confluence! What's a confluence? It's when
2 huge powers combine into one. At Christmas time President described
Christ's birth as a confluence. When the heavens opened and rejoiced
together with the earth. So we prayed for the heavens and earth to
combine this weekend to help us reach our goal.

Still me and Sr. Long aren't seeing success, we needed 1 engagé! Sunday
morning comes around and president texts us all to inform us we need
10 MORE! Within 2 days we had found 45 engagé and we just needed 10
more. I knew that one of those 10 were going to be our ami Simona!
Sunday we prayed and fasted all day and at 7pm we had our rdv with
her. We get there and.... SHES NOT THERE! To say I was discouraged is
an understatement. We go in anyways because her mom was there and we
try and teach her mom but it is not going well. She's from Romania and
doesn't understand us very well. I think I invited her to baptism like
5 times. Finally I gave up and started to pack up our stuff when....
SIMONA ARRIVES!!! We didn't have much time because we had to catch the
last bus of the night but we teach her about temples and forever
families and we explain the first step to that is baptism. We invite
her and without hesitation she.... SAYS YES!!! At 8:30pm we finally
found our engagé!

That morning during personal study I was reading in the Book of Mormon
in Alma 26 and I came across verse 27

               Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about
to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy
brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and
I will give unto you success.

That morning this scripture had brought me so much hope. We had been
discouraged so many times this week but I knew we were going to see
success. Sunday evening when we were teaching Simona's mom my heart
was depressed! I felt like we failed and I didn't understand why I
hadn't had enough faith to make a miracle happen. THEN, just as we
were about to turn back and go home the Lord gives us a miracle and
Simona had come home! And we were able to find success through Him.

This week has pushed my faith and strengthen my testimony in amazing
ways. AND tomorrow we get to meet Elder Christofferson! I can't wait!

Je vous aime tous! (Love you all)
Vous me manquez! (I miss you!)
Sœur Kearney

Haha so this was the picture my wonderful companion took after we heard of our third cancellation of the day haha. 

So I went back to Aubagne for legality stuff! Which I meant I got to
see Soeur smith and Soeur McClellan!!! There were some complications
that take too long to explain but we ended up having to do an
unplanned road trip to Montpellier haha. We were up at 4:30am to make
the trip but it was ok cause I got to spend more time talking with
Soeur smith and Soeur McClellan :)

Car Selfie!

The Aubagne trip back together! Haha it was so fun! 

Italian sodas after getting our engagé Sunday night! 

Simona! Our miracle! 

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