Thursday, 18 February 2016

This has been an exciting week! I'm going to skip ahead to Friday!
Friday morning we got our TRANSFER CALLS!!! This is probably my
craziest one yet! So I'll be staying in Toulouse and staying STL BUT I
will also be training again this transfer!!!!!! I'm getting another
blue!!! I'm super excited buuuut I'm nervous. President has never done
solo STLs before let along STLs that train but we have a huge group of
sisters going home and a huge group coming in and not enough senior
sisters so some of us will be doing both! It's me and 2 other sisters
who will be both STLs and train.

Also some exciting news... Ready for it..... ELDER CHRISTOFFERSEN IS
COMING TO THE MISSION THIS TRANSFER!!!! So first off we're going to
get to meet an apostle and secondly we will get to have ANOTHER
mission conference! I swear, we are some of the luckiest missionaries
in the world. It's so special to be able to come together as an entire
mission. Needless to say, I'm excited as heck!

Philippe is progressing super well! We fixed a baptismal date with
him!!! Haha I love Philippe! He's probably the frenchest French person
I've ever met. French people are kinda like pineapples. On the outside
they seem kind of hostile and not something you would want to eat, but
then when you cut into them they're sweet and delicious! Haha Philippe
is pretty skeptical of everything but not in a bad way... If that
makes any sense?

On Saturday we had a rdv with him and the Bertola family and it was
awesome! We watched the Joseph smith movie with them and the members
got super excited! Haha they had snacks ready and we had a delicious
dinner afterward. The spirit was really so strong in their home. What
is really making the difference for Philippe is seeing how the members
are welcoming him into their homes and sharing these special moments
with him. It's definitely not the French way to do it and he can feel
a difference. I'm just so dang proud of our members! Opening up their
hearts and homes for our Amis!

I love you all so much and miss you tons!
Have a wonderful week!
Plein de bisous
Soeur Kearney

The night before transfer calls we had a sleepover with Soeur Holmgren
and Soeur Kimber so we did Timtam slams together!


All the Toulouse sisters are leaving me :( The Capitole sisters equipe was closed to it will just be me and my blue in Toulouse this transfer with a bunch of elders!

Saying goodbye to the elders EARLY this morning. Elder Hoopes is off
to Chamberry, Elder Ottesen is going to Corsica and Soeur Nef will be
going to Cannes


This is Emmanuel! His family are members of the Ward and he'll be getting baptized soon and his parents have asked us to do the missionary lessons with him. He's the cutest buuuut it's not the easiest teaching children who have a short attention span! 

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