Thursday, 25 February 2016


Well this week started in LYON! I love Lyon! Tuesday all the trainers
had lunch in the morning and then went contacting in Parc Tet D'Or!
Since none of us where in our sectors contacting was all we could do
so we contacted for like 3 hours! I've also been pretty spoiled
serving in the south and I've gotten pretty used to it so being
farther north I was freezing! Sadly freezing for me was like 10
degrees.. I know.. I'm sending back my Canadian citizenship.

BUT I got to be unofficial companions with SOEUR FAGG for a couple
days so it was worth it! She's training as well and so got to spend a
couple days together while waiting for our blues,.

Wednesday finally came and we got our baby blues! My new companion is
Soeur Long! She's from American Fork, Utah and is wonderful! She's
like REALLY good at accents and does them all the time! It's the best

Thursday afternoon we finally got back into our sector and we were
super busy! We were able to see Philippe who is progressing amazingly!
While we were waiting for the members to show up and goes "I have a
question but don't get too excited" haha so I'm like ok, what up? And
he says: "I've been thinking about my baptism and I wanted to know who
I can invite!" WOO! Haha he told me to not get too excited because
he's still kinda hesitant but he's totally been thinking about his
baptism! I'm so excited for him! He's so solid. After our rdv he said
"À dimanche!" Without us even asking him to come to church! Haha he
probably will have no idea how that made our day but as missionaries
to have an ami who just automatically comes to church now is a total

Je vous aime tous!
Soeur Kearney

All the trainers playing around the world.

MASTER TACOS!!! The mission paid for dinner for us Tuesday evening. Also, check out the homie throwing up the deuces in the back haha. He definitely wasn't with us. 

Contacting with Soeur Fagg and Soeur Greciano

Parc Tet D'Or 

Soeur Fagg :) 

Everyone meet my blue, Soeur Long!

We took our blues contacting in Bellecour on our first night! The same place I did my very first contact! She did wonderfully! 

Ok so get this! Thursday evening, Soeur Long's first day in Toulouse we take a bus to an outer ville. I'm like ok well I'm gonna go sit by a lady and contact here, you just chill. Next thing I know SHE'S CONTACTING SOMEONE BY HERSELF!!! I was so proud that I snuck a picture of her very first solo contact 

I made crepes for Soeur Long!

Toulouse :)

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