Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Hi everyone!

So this week has been absolutely crazy!!! We have been on exchange
everyday this week!! We started by traveling to Perpingan to do an
exchange there. I was with Soeur Haws who is possibly the best
missionary in the mission! It was so fun being with her! Then we
travelled home but got stuck in Narbonne (never heard of it? Me either
haha). Our train was delayed for 3 hours! We were SO annoyed!!! But of
course, there's a reason for everything and we found a lady who had
been looking for the missionaries for a while but because there aren't
missionaries in that ville it was really hard! So we got her info and
gave it to the right missionaries! We finally got onto a train to
Toulouse and once we got there we had to take Soeur Kimber to a
doctors appointment! She's been really sick and will unfortunately be
going home at the end of the transfer.

So then Thursday (my year mark!) we started the day by passing a
family we had found a while ago. Then we got a pattiserie and then did
another mini exchange with Soeur Kimber and Soeur Holmgren to help
them out in their area.

Friday, can you guess? ANOTHER exchange haha. We did one for the
morning with Soeur Kimber and Soeur Holmgren and the me and Soeur Nef
were together for an hour and went straight to the gare to pick up the
Bayonne soeurs for our exchange with them. I was with soeurs Alberts
who is a wonderful little blue! We had a great time together and we
were able to see 2 of our amis, Samuel and Philippe!

The Bayonne soeurs left Saturday afternoon so me and Soeur Nef were
together for the rest of the evening and then Sunday Soeur Holmgren
called letting us know that Soeur Kimber was too sick to go to church
soooo.. EXCHANGE! Haha I went to their Ward with Soeur Holmgren,
walked back to their apartment, got Soeur Nef and walked back to the
church for our Ward in the afternoon haha. Church all day haha!

It was a crazy week but I loved it! It's the best feeling to be
running around everywhere but man, did I sleep good this week haha.

I've also been thinking a lot this week about my mission. I looked
back at my mission and it was really cool because I was able to see
the atonement in my life. I'm still far from perfect but I can totally
say that I'm a little less impatient then I was before! And my
capacity to love it a little bit bigger then it was a year ago! And
that's what the atonement is for! I know that the savior has helped me
change and I know he's been a part of my life this past year. I know
he's been with me everyday and he's been changing me little by little.

I love you all so much!
Gros Bisous
Soeur Kearney

FINALLY on our train to toulouse

My one year mark!

So this is from the museum we went to last week and well.. I couldn't
help myself.

One year mark! Beautiful (and windy) Toulouse 

Exchange with Soeur Alberts! 

So there's this seesaw here and it not only goes up and down but in a
circle as well! Haha this picture does not do it justice but it was

Some of the Toulouse missionaries went to burger and co! Haha a place that has delicious American burgers! Kinda lame but we all missed American food. 

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