Monday, 1 February 2016

So this week started off with zone conference! We all went to Bayonne!
President talked a lot about families! He also talked about the
importance of teaching the apostasy! Sometimes it's something that we
skip cause we want to get the first vision, that's the good part
right? But it's so important to teach the apostasy because without it
there would have been no need to for a restoration.

After that president surprised us! Usually for zone conference he
teaches us in the morning, we have lunch, then the assistants teach us
in the afternoon. This time though after lunch he told us we were all
getting on busses and going to Biarritz! It's about 30 minutes from
where we were. We went to a lighthouse where we had a beautiful view
of the beach and the city. We could even see Spain from where we were!
We had a testimony meeting there which was probably my favorite part.
The spirit was so special. Especially looking at the beautiful view. I
was thinking about it and I figured you know none of this is
necessary. All the beauties of the earth aren't necessary for us. But
Heavenly Father created these things to show his love for us. The
beautiful beach was just another way that Heavenly Father shows his
love for us.

When we got back to Toulouse we had a busy week. We had an exchange
with the soeurs from Perpingnan and the soeurs here in Toulouse. We
were able to see our ami Philippe twice! He is progressing super well!
HE FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON! He zoomed through it! It's been
interesting teaching him. He's super nice but questions like
everything. As I've been teaching him I've really noticed how the
spirit has been helping us. I've been able to learn more how the
spirit prompts me and then follow it! Yay! I'm still far far far from
perfect at it but I'm slowly getting there!

I love you all tons!
Soeur Kearney

Train ride to Bayonne with all the Toulouse missionaries

The View!

Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Talance zones

At the end of every month the Concorde Ward does a 'panier missionnaire' They know that we're getting low on money to buy groceries so they help us out a little. Anyways, one member brought me some maple syrup!!!! 

Today we did some site seeing. This is the Cathedral of St. Etienne!
It was built in 1210 and then they added another part in the 19th

This is the old half!

We also went to a museum this week for pday. These are some rocks from
the 10th and 11th century! They're old tomb stones.. Kinda creepy

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