Monday, 25 January 2016


So this week we had a super cool missionary broadcast! It was a
worldwide missionary training broadcast. So all 75,000 missionaries
all over the world watch the same broadcast and we were taught by
Elder Anderson (who used to be mission president of our mission!
Woo!), Elder Bednar, and Elder Oaks! It was so good! It was totally
the refresher I needed. Like yes, the apostles really do want us to be
THAT bold haha. My favorite part was a quote from Elder Oaks. He said
"we didn't send you out to be politically correct!" Haha well
alrighty! So I want to try and be bolder in all my conversations. I'm
never gonna see these people again anyways, unless they accept our
invitation that is haha.

Then we headed to Bayonne for an exchange with the sisters there.
Bayonne is in the south west corner of France and right by Spain! It
was beautiful! That is also wear people ACTUALLY wear barets! Haha I
was cracking up the whole time! French men everywhere wearing baret's!

This week I also gave my first talk in French for sacrament meeting! I
am pleased to say it went fairly well, everyone understood my accent
and they even laughed at my jokes! It could have possibly been because
they felt sorry for me but I'll take it haha.

And the best part of this week... WE FOUND A BEAUTIFUL FRENCH
FAMILY!!! We were out porting and they let us in! Yannick, the dad,
works with a member here and knew who we were right away! Yay member
missionary work! We shared the family proclamation with them and we're
hopefully going to be doing an FHE with them this week. They have 4
beautiful children and they kids were super cute! Their son, Conrad,
let Soeur Nef play his guitar and they totally bro'd out haha. Sooo
all prayers would be welcome so that we can start teaching this

I love you all so so much!
Plein de bisous,
Soeur Kearney

The Concorde District! 

We made POUTINE for lunch!!! It was SO good! Made me slightly homesick though haha

All the houses are like this and they're adorable! 

Atlantic Ocean! 

Soeur Staples!

We did a finding day in Bayonne with the Pau district 

Toulouse at night!

Surprise birthday cake for Soeur Kimber 

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