Monday, 29 February 2016


This week started back in Lyon! Leadership Council was on Tuesday. It was great learning from President and Sister Brown and getting a momma hug from Sister Brown haha. Last week President challenged our mission to get 187 new engagés before our conference with Elder Christofferson. This is probably the hardest challenge we've given. That's a NEW engagé for each missionary. It will more then double the engagés we have already. So we spent leadership council figuring out how we're actually going to do that haha. At first I was really feeling the pressure. I felt like I had so much on my plate and I had no clue how we were going to find 2 new engagés. But we focused a lot on how this isn't a per missionary quota. This is a mission goal and we will reach it as a mission. I'm so grateful for the culture we have in the France Lyon Mission and the faith we have. Every challenge that President has given us so far we have reached and I know that we will reach this one as well! 

That brings me to my good news... WE FOUND A NEW ENGAGE!!!!!!!! Her name is Nancy and she's a mom to a beautiful baby girl. We had contacted her in the metro last week and we taught her this Thursday. We had an amazing first lesson with her and engaged her to baptism and she accepted!!! It was amazing! One of the first things she asked us when we got there was "So you're going to help us right?" Uh yes we are! I'm excited to see her progress :) 

This week was also zone training. It was interesting since in the Toulouse zone this transfer me and soeur Long are the only sisters. But I presented the part about preparing for Elder Christofferson and so I pretty much just got to tell the Elders what to wear and to go get haircuts haha. I enjoyed myself, I don't know if the elders did though. 

Je vous aime tous! 
Soeur Kearney

We went to the st. Sernin Basilica!

On our plane to Lyon!! They got us planes instead of trains for leadership conference

The sisters at leadership council 

Haha we took a Canadian picture!

Me and Soeur Fagg!

all the blues and trainers at master tacos! 

Teaching my bro Emmanuel! 

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