Monday, 7 March 2016


This week we finally spent a whole week in our sector! It felt so good
to get some solid work done here in Toulouse! We had an exchange this
week with the Perpingnan soeurs. I was with Sr McKenna here in
Toulouse. She's so much fun! She's from England and is hilarious!

The rest of the week we were in Toulouse working hard to find some
engagés for Elder Christofferson! We had a really cool miracle on
Saturday! So there was a mom that we contacted on exchange that we had
set up a rdv with. We had her phone number and address. She wasn't
answering her phone Saturday morning but we went anyways. When we got
to the bus stop we realized it was way farther then we thought it was!
So we had a 30 minute walk and our app was taking us through these
muddy trails! It was raining and the wind was blowing like crazy. Our
umbrellas were doing the whole thing where it like goes inside out.
Just image the most dramatic missionary scene, that was us haha. So we
finally get to her street but we can't find her darn apartment
building! There was probably like 3 times where I just wanted to give
up. You know how you get like frustrated angry? Ya, that was me haha.
But there was one apartment building that had no number on it. We went
around back and it was her building!!! The end right? NO! The darn
sonnerie didn't have any names on it and she wasn't answering her
phone at all! So we say a prayer and then start buzzing random people.
The second person we buzz just opens the door for us. They didn't even
ask who it was but just let us in! So now the trick is to find her
door. We go look at the mailboxes, find her name, knock on her door
and she lets us in! We teach her about temples and she accepts a soft
baptismal invitation!!!

I learnt this week that Heavenly Father will always help us but
sometimes he waits until we use the last bit of our faith! He always
works in a way that will strengthen our faith. And I know my was this

I love you all!
Soeur Kearney

Last pday we went shopping with Emma Sordes. She's a YW in our Ward and in preparing for her mission! 

We went to the Sordes for dinner because Sr. Sordes has promised me she'd make me her chocolate mousse. It was delicious! 

The Sordes family!

Exchange with Soeur McKenna! 

Haha so we had 3 different kinds of Nutella's at home. The real stuff (I had mentioned that missionaries don't usually eat Nutella here because it's too expensive for us so the next time we see them what does Sr. Sordes have for us? NUTELLA!!!), the off brand stuff, and a chocolate vanilla conjunction. This was a picture I got right as Soeur long tried the off brand stuff right after the real Nutella. No further explanation in necessary haha. 

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