Monday, 11 January 2016

Hi everyone! 

This week has been one of my busier ones on my mission! Monday I arrived to Toulouse and spent most of the day at the gare helping other missionaries who were coming through Toulouse. Monday night we went to a members house, the Soardes. They're an awesome family here in the Concorde ward. At one point I tried to make a joke but I thought it was really clever! So there is a french dish called a kiche that is really yummy. There is also a french saying "je m'en fiche" that means I don't care. So anyways I tried to tell them a story of an elder who made this pun one time. He was at a ward meal and a kiche fell on the floor and he said "oh, je m'en kiche!" Funny right?! NO! Haha I don't know if french people don't like puns or if we just don't joke about kiche but it failed epicly. Haha great first impression Soeur Kearney. 

Tuesday we spent the day in Toulouse. I got to know the area and we spent most of the day finding! 

Wednesday we hopped on a train with the zone leaders and went to LYON! Yay! I think I've managed to go to Lyon every transfer since I left haha. We were there for Jedi Council! (Missionary Leadership Council) Wednesday night we went to dinner with the other zone leaders and STLs. Thursday was our conference and it was awesome!!! Our mission has a goal of 250 baptisms for the year of 2016. That's almost 100 more then we got this year! So we spent the day figuring out how we're going to really that goal. Most of the day we focused on finding families! 

After that Soeur Brown got us to play human hungry hippos!!!!!! Haha Soeur Brown loves to have fun so she always gets us to play a game and that one was the best! We went on skateboard on our stomachs and there were  a bunch of balloons and we had to scoop them up with baskets and then our team would drag us back! Super fun! 

We took a train back friday and then we spent the rest of the weekend in toulouse! I got to know some of our amis. I'm really excited for the work here in Toulouse! I love being in a big city! 

I love you all and miss you tons! 

Avec amour, 
Soeur Kearney

Human hungry hippos!!!

The sisters with Soeur Brown at MLC!

Today for pday we went to St. Seurnin Cathedral. It's BEAUTIFUL! It's
the largest Romanesque cathedral in Western Europe! It was built in
the 1200s!

More cathedrals

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