Monday, 18 January 2016


This has been super busy! Being a sister training leader gives us a
lot more things to do on top of our normal missionary work! I like it
a lot but it makes our weeks fly by!

This Friday we had our zone training in Toulouse. So that is when us
and the zone leaders teach all the missionaries in our zone the things
that president taught us at Jedi council! It went really well! Me and
Soeur Nef talked about finding families and what we can all do to
start finding families. The whole zone seems really excited about our
new focus so I'm looking forward to seeing what miracles we all find!

After zone training I did my first exchange as STL! We do exchanges
with other sisters to give us a chance to spend some time with them,
help them if they need it and just make sure they're doing good. I was
SUPER nervous but it was wonderful! I was on exchange with Soeur
Holmgren and we had a wonderful time! She's an amazing missionary and
super fun! I'm pretty sure I learnt more from her then she did from me

THEN! On Saturday the elders in the other Ward had a baptism! It was
the baptism of Clément who is the coolest! He actually heard about the
church from one of the documentaries they show on tv here about our
church. Tons of people see them and they don't say very nice things
about the church BUT it made him curious so he referred himself to the
missionaries and voilà, baptized! Heavenly Father even uses things
that are supposed to destroy the church as s converting tool! It just
shows that people are always being prepared to hear the gospel. Even
if those ways are a little odd sometimes haha.

Je vous aime tous!
Soyez sage!
Avec amour,
Sœur Kearney

Toulouse Zone

Soeur Holmgren!

Clements baptism! 


Sooo after the beautiful baptism we realized that that the drain doesn't work! So we emptied it with buckets! Haha me and Soeur Holmgren filled up the buckets and everyone else emptied them. 

The whole crew! 

And we're done!

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