Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Transfer Calls are here aaannnndddd........ I'M GOING TO TOULOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited! Toulouse is know as the city of pink so this seems like a perfect fit haha. I'm also going to be a Sister Training Leader! I'm nervous but I'm super excited for the new challenge. My new companion is Soeur Nef! She is from California and is super tall! She's a lot of fun so I'm excited to work with her this transfer! 

This week in Aubuagne was lots of fun! Since Aubagne is still a new area the work has consisted of lots of finding and we've been struggling to find people to teach. So on Wednesday the entire Aix zone came to aubuagne and we did a huge zone finding day! Haha so we invaded the town with missionaries and spent the entire day contacting and porting. It was so awesome! At the end of the day we had like 10 new contacts! We had been praying so much that Heavenly Father would prepare people for everyone to find and He truly did. 

New Years Eve was pretty uneventful for us haha. We spent some time at a ward party but then we were in by 9:30 and asleep by 10:30 haha. We did have a district meeting that day though and it was really great. We talked a lot about companionship unity. He asked us the question "who do you have the most influence on throughout your mission." At first we thought our amis but no, it really is our companions. We're with them 24/7 and I've really noticed that all of my companions have rubbed off on me! I'm just a big mix of all of them now haha. But I really realized that we can truly affect the people around us by the choices we make. So I've decided that I want to really work on being a happy person. That way hopefully I can brighten the days of those around me! .... That was really cheesy... 

Haha I love you all so much! 
Soeur Kearney
Dinner with Thibaud and Sylvie!

District Meeting!

Timtam slams the night before transfer calls! 

After we got transfer calls Soeur smith was the new assigned driver which meant I got to relax in the back seat!! 

Haha this picture is a little dark because... THE CURFEW WAS FINALLY LIFTED! First time out proselyting past dark in a month and a half!

La Ciotat! A beautiful beach town in our sector. 

The Marseille group for the last time! 

My beautiful new ville of Toulouse! 

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