Monday, 7 December 2015

This has been an amazing week! 

So on Monday we arrived in Lyon and we were there until Thursday. I LOVE spending time in Lyon, espeically on transfer days. The way transfers work in my mission is that everyone takes trains to their new area. If you're waiting for a new companion you just hang out in the gare with a bunch of other missionaries. So you get to see missionaries that you might not have seen for a few months or have been on the other side of the mission! Lyon is the busiest because all the departing missionaries and all the trainers also go to Lyon. It was so fun seeing everyone! 

Tuesday us trainers didn't much. We didn't meet out blues until Wednesday so they had a trainers lunch for us and we got to talk about things that could help our blues, some things we might be nervous about. Tuesday night tSoeur McClellan had dinner with the Sweeney's who are a senior couple serving in the office. 

Wednesday we finally met our blues!!!!! Mine and Soeur McClellan's blue is Soeur Smith and she in WONDERFUL! She's from Salt Lake City, she is already boss at french, and she's just super cute! It's been so fun being able to be her trainer so far. For the rest of the day we had a blue's training conference and so the Assistants and President take some time to introduce them to some of the different resources we have in our mission. Things like MANGOs, SPARC, iPads, all that fun stuff! 

Finally Thursday we headed back to Aubagne! So we got to spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday proselyting in our serctor and we have seen TONS of miracles! Probably the coolest one was when we were looking for a service project to do. We had been looking for weeks to try and find something that we could do but we weren't having any luck. We were out contacting and we were by monoprix and we noticed that the food bank was there and they were doing a fundraiser for them! So we went in to see if we could help at all or of there was a phone number we could have and they told us to come back tomorrow and we could help them! We talked to one lady and she knew exactly who we were too so that was super cool! We went back the next day and as we got there a guy pulled us over and told us that we weren't able to help as representitives of the church. We were super bummed but we kept talking to him anyways. Then we realized that part of what they were doing was actually singing to attract people to donate food! Soeur McClellan was like oh I'm a singer too and he was like "Il faut que vous chantez!" So soeur McClellan goes and sings for all of Monoprix! Haha it was awesome! While she was sparcing up the place me and Soeur Smith talked to the lady that recognized us from the day before and turns out she's a less active!!! After Soeur McClellan sang a couple songs the less active and her boyfriend invited us over for lunch on Sunday. Turns out when we got there that she was actually a less active we had already passed but didn't let us in. It's amazing to see how Heavenly Father will put us in just the right place and use our talents (well Soeur McClellan's) so soften hearts. 
I love you all so much! 
Gros Bisous,Soeur Kearney

The Sweeney's had all of us trainers and blues over for lunch on Thursday before we took our trains. Thanksgiving in France!m

Soeur Smith's first day porting! She did amazing! 

The people Soeur McClellan sang for!!! 

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