Monday, 23 November 2015


So this week was a crazy week! I'll start out with transfer calls! We got a call from President Brown Friday morning and he told us that me and Soeur McClellan are staying together aaannndd...... WE'LL BE TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to get my own little blue haha. So this week we'll be hanging out in Lyon until Thursday and then heading back south to Aubagne! Stay tuned next week to meet my new companion! 

Also this week, we got in a car accident! I know what you're all thinking but no, it wasn't my fault!!!!!!! Haha we were at a stop waiting to turn left and a drunk guy on a moped ran into us! Everyone was ok but it was pretty scary at first. Police, ambulance, firefighters, the whole chibang showed up! Haha perks of living in a small ville I guess. They cleared everything up pretty quickly and took the other driver away but our cars front tire had been slashed and we needed a new one before we could really go anywhere. Anyways there two police officers that were left to deal with us were Sebastien and Allen. They were SO funny! Haha kinda your typical mall cops! And neither of them really know how to change our tire. My favorite part was when they were trying to unscrew the screw things and they couldn't get them undone. Allen had even tried jumping on the thing to try and loosed them. Finally Sebastien says "Wait.. Righty tighty lefty loosy.. You've been tightening it!" Hahaha they were such a blessing to us though. They were our little comedic relief after a scary event! They were also so kind and helpful to us with filling out all the paperwork. They understood we weren't from France and made things so much easier for us. 

I was a little shaken up after the accident but I was able to get a priesthood blessing the next day from the Elders. It's such an amazing thing to witness these young boys as they start to learn the power of the priesthood that they hold. The blessing was exactly what needed to get focused and back to work. After the blessing we spent some time with the elders talking about the changes that were coming up for all of us. It was really helpful. It's moments like those that you don't ever think about when you put in your mission papers but that time is so special as missionaries. Taking time to support each other and be there for one another. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing people in this mission! 

A highlight of this week was Sunday! We had a family come to church! We had started teaching Michel and Veronique on Tuesday. Michel was the most interested and Veronique was kind of sceptical of us. Her brother is actually a less active member so she knows a bit about the church! Anyways we taught them about the priesthood and temples and it went super well. When we asked about coming back to see them again Michel thought about it for a while and he said: "You know, I'm gonna surprise everyone with my answer, including my wife, but yes!" Haha so we kinda freak out inside and he goes on to say how he just can't see anything bad with what we're sharing and he has the desire to change! So anyways they came to church on Sunday and it was awesome! Such a miracle for us! 

Well that about sums up our crazy week! I love you all so much! 

Soeur Kearney

Marseille district! 

Soeur Scruggs, me, elder Lowry, elder Lovelund, elder pittsenbarger, elder price, and elder Lindsey! 

The Marseille Madness crew (I came up with the name ;) ) together for the last time! Soeur Schreiber is heading home and Elder Lowry is off to Lyon! 

So there's a wind going through the south called the mystral. It's a wind that comes from the mountain and it's freezing! Makes porting chilly haha 


Our last day as a trio! The train ride to Lyon! We're going to miss Soeur Schreiber so much! 

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