Monday, 7 December 2015


This week was so cool! Do you all remember a couple weeks ago we got
into a car accident? Well there were 2 police officers that helped us
tons and were super kind. We were out contacting and we actually ran
into one of them, Sebastian. He was so nice! We showed him the new
Christmas video (everyone should also go share that on Facebook!) and
after he was like oh your the Mormons! We taught him a lesson and
tried to fix a rdv with him. He wasn't able to because he doesn't know
his schedule for work but promised he'd give us call. So please pray
that he does! Who knows, maybe there was a reason we had to get in
that car accident!

Also this week we met an Australian guy named Jeff. He was going
through Aubagne and we contacted him and was he said "moi, non
français" and we were like do you speak English!? Haha we talked to
him for a bit and then he was like where I can I get some food around
here? We pointed him to a cute cafe not too far from where we were and
he asked if we spoke French. We told him we did and he said well
alright, I'll buy yas all some lunch of you order me some food! And we
said we'd only go if we could teach him about Jesus haha. He said oh
why not, Jesus is a nice guy. Haha so we went to a cafe and had a
super yummy lunch and got to teach him an awesome lesson! He's a mix
of Buddhist and Protestant so it was interesting haha. But he took an
English Book of Mormon and promised to read!

The rest of the week was more of the usual. Lots of porting and
contacting but we're really seeing miracles everyday. We have a family
that is supposed to come to the Christmas activity on Saturday as well
as a less active and her boyfriend!

I'm so excited for this upcoming Christmas season! I love the video
the church made and the invitation at the end "discover why" Our
message to everyone this year is that a savior was born and our
invitation to EVERYONE (member, less-active, non-member) is to
discover why he was born. I love that. I hope that all of you get to
discover that this Christmas season and all year round.

Je vous aime tous!
Soeur Kearney

The new Marseille crew! Elder Stahl is from Switzerland and of course you all know Soeur smith already

Cooking with our Ward mission leader Thibaud! Elder Spoors told him he didn't know how to cook and now each week before our meetings he cooks a meal with us

Out porting and we really liked this Santa house. 

We did skype interviews today with President Brown and Soeur Brown gave us all a call as well! 

The Aix zone went bowling for pday!

Unfortunately we were the loosing team :( But we had tons of fun! I even got a couple strikes!m
So Aubagne is on a garbage strike... It's gross 

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