Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Bonjour à tous!

This week we've been busy getting ready for Christmas! Well kinda
haha. I feel like we've been busy helping other people get ready for

Our ami, Mme. Ibanez got home from vacation this week so we went to
visit her. After our lesson we helped her decorate her house for
Christmas! It was so fun! Mme. Ibanez loves us a lot but her husband
hasn't been our biggest fan but after we helped decorate I think we're
starting to grow on him haha. Her daughter and grandsons even stopped
by and we got to talk to them for a while as well. Miracles that come
from service!

Also, on Saturday we had a big Christmas activity here in Marseille.
It was actually a stake activity. All the youth in the Nice Stake put
on a big Christmas concert and it was SO good! Singing, dancing,
acting, all the works. The best part was that our less active Valérie
and her boyfriend Guy came to the activity! They had tons of fun and
tons of The members remembered Valérie and were talking to her all
night. We barely had to do anything. Also that night a family in the
Ward invited their friends to come. Sr. McClellan had a chance to talk
to Marcel (the dad) and he too our card and said he was very
interested. They have been friends with the Ridet family for years and
have even met the missionaries a couple times but never too seriously.
He said now they're much more interested though. YAY MEMBER MISSIONARY
WORK! So if you could all pray that we get to visit marcel and his
family this week that would be amazing!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you all!
Joyeux Noël,
Soeur Kearney

We were visiting an ami and they had this whack rocking chair that didn't have a place for your butt! So of course I sat in it. 

It was Elder Spoors' birthday on Thursday so we had a birthday party for him with our Ward mission leader and his wife! 

So we had apartment checks last week and one of the things that was
wrong was that Soeur smith's mattress was on the floor. So halfway
through the week the office elders called informing us that they were
going to be at our apartment in 30 minutes with a bed frame for Soeur
Smith. So we rushed home and they delivered us the bed frame. The
office elders had to go so they left it up to us to but it together
haha. So far it hasn't fallen apart but I'm gonna stick to the bed
that I have. It was a great companionship bonding moment though haha.

We were our porting and came across this. It had an address and a mailbox buuuut no house haha

Soeur Smith's dad has discovered Amazon France and has been sending us tons of stuff. Our favorite package was the extra large pack of toilet paper haha. We're set for the rest of the transfer now!

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