Saturday, 26 December 2015


This week has been full of Christmas miracles! We had an exchange with
our sister training leaders on Tuesday. Me and Soeur McClellan went
with Soeur Arrechaga. She's from France so it was tons of fun to get
to ask her questions about French teenagers haha. We learnt a lot that
day, we also saw the coolest miracle? We were out porting and we were
able to share the Christmas video with this young guy Cédric. He was
super interested and we fixed a rdv for later that day! So that
afternoon we went and taught him an awesome lesson! He doesn't have
much of a belief but he's super interested in how Jesus Christ helps
us. Like how does he actually do it, what does it feel like. So we got
to testify of Christ for like an hour haha.

We also helped Mme. Ibanez set up her nativity scene! Here in Provence
(the region of France I'm in) they are known for their nativity
scenes. Like it's not just baby Jesus and Mary but they make an entire
village haha. It was a long ordeal but it's so cool. Her husband was
pretty against us coming over at the beginning but as we've just gone
over and served their family he's completely warmed up to us! We made
him cookies for his birthday this week and let's just say he's now our
biggest fan haha.

We also got to see the Roubaud family this week! They're so wonderful
and are progressing super well! Their son is even applying to BYU!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I'm excited this Christmas
to really focus on Christ. As we've been going out proselyting we've
been able to talk about why we celebrate Christmas. And it's because
our savior was born. The One that changed the world was born. It's
such a special time of year and no one can deny the spirit of Christ
that is there. Everyone's hearts are a little more open and everyone
tries to be a little bit more generous. That is because the spirit of
Christ is so strong it touches people who don't even know Him. I love

I love you all so much!
Gros Bisous,
Soeur Kearney



Marseille district!

The nativity scene we made with Mme. Ibanez. The little figurines are santons. They're an Aubagne specialty! They even go and pick moss and lay it down on the ground! 

Companion Cuddles

Hot chocolate!

Haha our Ward mission leader has a sword and so I had to play with it 

So this is a Christmas specialty in France! A bouche de noël

Haha the closest thing we have to the Eiffel Tower in Aubagne 

The Roubaud family! 

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