Monday, 2 November 2015

We had a party for Jenna's Birthday!

Birthday Crepe!

Hi everyone!

Another great week here in Aubagne! We had an amazing rdv this week
with a lady, Mme. Ibanese. We ported into her a couple weeks ago and
fixed a rdv to go see her. We spent about 2 hours with her talking a
lot about the plan of salvation aaannndd she taught us how to cook
some Italian dishes! In her backyard they almost have a mini farm!
Rabbits, chickens, vegetables, and tons of spices! She was showing us
around and then we cooked some rabbit! At the end of the evening she
set us home with tons of fresh spices and vegetables from her garden!
It was such a fun evening! It was so cool to see how there are still
amazing people in the world. Like sometimes we get caught up in seeing
the bad things in the world but there's so many people who are filled
with love. Like this lady invites 3 foreign girls into her house and
teaches us how to cook. Haha so cool!

Halloween in France was not very halloweeny haha. They don't really
celebrate it here but a family we're teaching had us over. They
decorated their whole house and got dressed up just for us haha. We
taught them about the plan of salvation as well and it went really
well! They're very open to everything and their kids already know a
lot since they go to Utah every summer to stay with a family! Their
son, Clément is even applying to BYU!

Oh! As well, (this week was just great!) We found a girl named Sarah
while we were porting! She's about our age and is studying to be a
midwife. At first she said she was totally not religious but she let
us in anyways. We got to talking and now she's super interested! She
has so many questions about the Book of Mormon, prophets, the
priesthood. It's so cool!

I love you all so much!
Soeur Kearney

So we were out porting and we found some bamboo! I figured I'd try out my javelin skills ;) 

Mme. Ibanese had tons of birds and so she brought one out for us to play with. This is Kevin and he climbed all the way up to my shoulder and then wouldn't get off haha.

Out porting again way out in the country!  
Like really.. The country haha. Sr. McClellan herded some birds for us. 

All the spices from Mme. Ibanese. My favorite are the spicy peppers!! 

Marseille District! 

Car Selfie! Sr. Schreiber was sleeping in the back haha

being in a small ville is great but we need to come up with our own excitement haha. So me and Sr. McClellan dyed our hair! 

For Halloween we dressed up as French people! 

Pumpkin cheesecake we made for the Roubaud family

Halloween with the roubauds!
Today for pday we went to a cute little café for lunch! We even sat
outside without coats on! I love the south haha

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