Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hi everyone!

This week was full of milestones! First off Nov. 4th was mine and
Soeur McClellan's halfway mark! Sr. M kept it together pretty well but
I had a bit of a breakdown haha. I got kinda caught up in thinking
like aahh it's half done and didn't focus on the fact that I still
have a whole more 9 months ahead of me! Still lots of time to get
everything done that I need to do. I also had a nice talk with my
companions (I was laying on the floor freaking out and they were being
wonderful supportive companions) and they helped me just have an
eternal perspective. Yes, I'm going to change on my mission? Missions
are such a wonderful time of growth but I'm not expected to return
home and be perfect. I'll still have a life time of learning and
growing to do. So that helped a lot!

This week was also my 21st birthday! My birthday fell on Sunday this
year and it was an amazing day! We had Ward conference so the chapel
was packed! Soeur McClellan sang I believe in Christ for the Ward and
did an AMAZING job! Then after we had a big Ward meal and so I got to
pretend like it was my birthday present haha. The members were so
wonderful and make sure I got lots of sweets and lots of bisous! Then
we went porting cause we're still missionaries haha. But Heavenly
Father is so amazing and he gave me a special birthday gift! So I had
this birthday wish to take a picture with a palm tree because this is
my first birthday that I haven't had snow! Haha I love the south! But
anyways we were porting and of course the neighbourhood we picked that
night had NO palm trees around. So I'm a little disappointed but we
gotta be obedient and keep porting this place. We try to use it as a
porting approach a couple times, "uh hey.. Got a palm tree we can take
a picture with?" Haha it didn't go over too well. It was starting to
get dark and I was like well, maybe it just wasn't meant to be and we
get to the LAST house (of course) we were going to port that night and
there was a man working in the garden. He's super nice, we have a
great conversation and I peek into his yard and... He has a palm tree!
Haha so I'm like hey, can I take a picture with that palm tree? We
explain to him why and he's like of course!! We talk a bit more after
and he tells us he's Jewish, not interested in changing religions but
thanks for the great convo. We leave as friends... THEN as we walk
away we hear his wife call him inside and then he comes back out and
invites us in for tea! We do the awkward oh we don't drink tea but
we'd love some juice thing and we walk in. So we spent about an hour
with Laurent, Michelle, and their 14 year old son Liam. Laurent is
Jewish, Michelle is Christian but isn't active and their kids are
learning about both and then going to make their own decision. We
talked a lot about Christ since that's one of the biggest differences
for us and Jewish people. At one point Soeur McClellan testified of
the savior and it brought Michelle to tears! It was so cool! Ah! It
was such a lovely evening! They said we could come back anytime! After
that we went home for dinner, had patisserie cake and sparking apple
juice! It was a perfect mission birthday!

Also this week we got to see our fat duck family! The Lemaire's. We
had a great lesson! Bernard and Aicha are going to read the Book of
Mormon together! It's amazing how open they are!

I love you all so much!
Soeur Kearney

Soeur Brown is also the coolest mission mom ever and we had a nerd gun war at zone conference! 
So President Brown, is way super cool and sometimes he likes to remind us missionaries how cool he is. So for zone conference he gave an object lesson with his cool awesome now and arrow! 

This was in one shot! I think the message we all took away from that was "don't make president mad" 

Zone Conference

All the sisters!

The Browns


Halfway pattiseries!

The Meyer's made me delicious American brownies for my birthday! 

The Ward Meal

Birthday Cake!

The palm tree!! I love the south! 

Laurent and Michelle

Birthday Porting

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