Monday, 26 October 2015

WE FOUND A FAT DUCK!!! Thank you all so much for your prayers because
they worked! This week we started teaching the Lemaire family. We
ported their house and Aicha (wife) answered but she was pretty busy.
She said we could come back Friday. Friday we showed up and they were
so welcoming us. Bernard (husband) was there as well and was SO
interested. Their 18 year old daughter, Elizabeth, joined us as well.
We just explained who we are and what we do and they are super
interested! It's an interesting dynamic because Bernard is Catholic
and Aicha is Muslim. Their kids were kinda raised in both religions.
Neither Bernard or Aicha are active in their churches right now but
it's so funny because they celebrate both religions holidays so
Elizabeth was saying they are pretty much always celebrating something

That was probably the biggest miracle of this week! I also got some
awesome news! Do you all remember Elder Moore? He was in my district
in the MTC but had to go home when we left for France because of a
knee injury. Well he's healthy now and arrived in the Paris mission
last week and is being trained by Elder Kendrick! It was super

Other then that everything is wonderful! Being in a trio is so much
fun! We keep each other laughing all the time which is good because it
makes time go by much faster while we're porting. Soeur McClellan is
an amazing singer so she also sings for us and we've made some pretty
good raps haha.

So a while ago a member of the seventy came to the mission, Elder
Adler. He gave us a challenge to bear our testimony of the Savior in
French everyday for 30 days. He promised us that our French would
improve and our testimony of the savior would increase. The 30 days
are up now and I've seen such a huge change. Language wise I'm much
more confident to bear a solemn testimony of the savior in French but
the biggest difference for me was my own testimony. My testimony has
become so much stronger of the savior and His Atonement. I still don't
know how exactly it happened and how it works exactly but I know it's
real because I can feel it. I'm so grateful for the Savior and His
love. This challenge was such a blessing for me and has helped me to
grow a lot.

Je vous aime beaucoup!
Soeur Kearney

The taipan!

Put your shoulder to the wheel! 

So since we can't go see members we decided we're gonna send them mail! Haha so this is the picture we took to send to all the members! 

The Aix Zone

Haha so Soeur McClellan is really short 

So since the members can't have us over they still find ways to spoil us! A wonderful family brought dinner for us to church on Sunday! So spoiled! 

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