Tuesday, 17 November 2015

She's safe and sound!

So we woke up to a text at 4:30am from our mission president telling
us about the terrorist attacks and to stay inside until further
notice. Not the best thing to wake up to. We all prayed and then kinda
just sat around. A member in the Ward works for NCIS and sent us a
text giving us a bit more info and making sure we stayed inside. I'm
serving in the very south so I'm about as far away from Paris as you
can get so we were definitely safe. It was hard staying inside and not
having too much information, lots of prayers were said. Especially for
the missionaries in Paris. I have a few friends serving there right
now but they were all able to send out emails telling everyone they
were safe. I'm so grateful for the members here in Marseille. We got
so many calls throughout the day from them making sure we were safe.
It's been a tough couple of days though. I have grown to love these
people so much and it hurts to think that there are people in the
world that would like to hurt them like this. We have some new rules
for the next while until things calm down. We have to be in by 6
o'clock and we can't ride public transport. Luckily we have a car but
the poor elders have to walk everywhere!

At about 11 we got a text from president telling us that we could go
out and work and I gained such a testimony that the cure for
everything is work! I was really struggling that morning with all the
news we had gotten. I felt very weighed down and couldn't stop
thinking about the families who lost someone that day. As we finally
got out and got to go visit a less active. Right away I was able to
just focus on him and his needs. I'm so grateful to be out here and to
have this time to just focus on other people and serve them.

Other then that this week was a normal week! Haha lots of porting, we
had some great rdvs this week! We had another one with Mme. Ibanez.
She is the cutest! We're going to help her decorate her house for

I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for all your prayers. We've
truly felt them this weekend.

Je vous aime,
Soeur Kearney

Last pday we went to a poetry museum. One of Aubagne's biggest attractions haha #smallvilles

Soeur McClellan's dad served a mission in Italy and makes a great tomato sauce. We got his recipe and I was in charge of chopping onions haha. 

Mme. Ibanez! 

The France flag being flown at half mass in temple square 

We spent pday with the elders at the church since we can't do much else at the moment haha

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