Tuesday, 20 October 2015


So, first off, huge change for us! President has actually asked me and
my companions to open a new area!!! We're opening a sector in Aubagne!
President Brown said it's the most fertile part of the mission. He
wants us to find 12 priesthood men with families so that we can start
a branch! Crazy haha. When we was telling he said it's like duck
hunting and we have one bullet. Yes we're going to talk to everyone
but if we have a choice between a fat duck and a small one we're gonna
go for our fat duck haha. (President Brown is a good ol' American
cowboy) Sooo if you could all help us out and pray that we can find
some fat ducks that would be amazing!

This week has been different from what I'm used to. We've always had a
teaching pool and members to pass but here we have nothing! We do our
studies, knock some doors, lunch, knock doors, and then dinner! I'm
having tons of fun still but it's physically pretty tiring. Luckily my
companions are both hilarious and so we get to laugh a lot together.

One of our biggest miracles this week was a big fat duck! The Roubaud
family! They actually are great friends with a couple families in Utah
because they send their kids there during the summer to learn English.
We went over to eat with them and a member couple, the Meyers. Frere
Meyer is SO COOL. They're American but have been living in Europe for
a long time now because he's a NCIS agent! You know that show on tv?
Ya, well he does that in like real life! Well actually, he told me
it's not that realistic but he's still pretty cool. I told him I
watched the show and all that and so on Sunday he gave me one of his
special agent NCIS hats!

Anyway, back the the Roubaud family. So ya, super great family. So
kind and love us so much. They told us that they're not ready for
baptism yet but little by little they'll get there! Like what!?

Thank you all so much for your prayers! I truly do feel them! I love
you all so much!

Soeur Kearney

We found the wall to Hogwarts

For a few days we didn't know how to turn on the heat in our apartment so we looked like this during our studies in the morning. The problem has been fixed though! 

Fr. Meyers the real live NCIS agent!


I was trying to be the Little Mermaid 

Dinner with the roubauds and Meyers!

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