Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The trio!! We were at the gare yesterday waiting for all the missionaries to arrive.

We had dinner with the Haake family this week! I'm going to miss them a lot!

We were in Lyon for presidents pday last week! It was raining so we played charades for 3 hours haha.

I did an exchange in Lyon and go to see some of the member from portes des alpes!! Terrencia! 

Ivalanie and her boyfriend Baptiste! We had been teaching Baptiste for a couple months while I was there and he's still meeting with the sisters now! 



Little Robert!

District Meeting!

So the night before transfer calls there's a tradition in the mission to do Timtam slams. So you drink a hot chocolate through a cookie and then eat the cookies before it falls apart. It's delicious but you kinda hate yourself for it afterwards haha

This is Rebecca! We had to take a selfie with her before we said goodbye hah

Saying goodbye to Alex and Ghislaine 

The JA of Clermont!

Wonderful Marie-José

Amandine and Thibaud came to the gare at 6am to see me and Elder Ottesen off!

The last train selfie for the Clermont crew!
I'm in the South!!!! We got transfer call on Friday and I got called
to Marseille! I'll be proselyting in the Aubagne sector which is a
little outside the city. AND, I'm driving!!! Here in France we mostly
use public transport but the city here isn't the safest so they gave
us a car and I'm the designated driver! I asked president if he was
sure he wanted me to drive but he assured me that he trusted haha. And
I said but president you haven't seen my driving record yet, it's
really bad. Then he said "oh Soeur Kearney, don't you know that the
atonement works for ALL transgressions" haha my mission president
thinks he's really funny. I'll be serving with Soeur Schrieber and
Soeur McClellan!!! I was in the MTC with Soeur McClellan and I'm super
excited to be with her again!

It was very hard to leave Clermont. I love that Ward so so so much.
They're amazing. It's was also hard to leave our Amis. We didn't have
many when me and Soeur Mattinson arrived and by the time we left we
had 4 Amis who were planning to get baptized! We saw so so so many
miracles. It was amazing to see that the Lord truly does prepare
people to hear the gospel. It was such a blessing to be the missionary
who got to be there and see so many people make sure great progress.

A miracle we saw this week was of course with Marie-josé. We had left
her the restoration pamphlet and we were going to talk about why we
need a restoration at our next rdv. When we came back a couple of days
after she had studied tons and literally taught US why we needed the
restoration haha. It was amazing! She's so excited about the gospel
and loves to study the Book of Mormon.

Another amazing miracle was when we were out contacting. Me and Soeur
Mattinson stopped this lady, Rebecca, on the street. At first she
really wasn't interested but when we explained that we were the
Mormons she got REALLY excited. She was going on about how she loves
the Mormons and our pioneer history. I asked her if she had heard
about the Book of Mormon and she said she had and had been searching
for one for years. She said she looks in tons of book stores but could
never find one. So I grabbed a Book of Mormon from my bag and was like
here you go! She couldn't believe it! She started crying and kept
thanking us and hugging us. She said this had been the book she had
been searching for her whole life! Me and Soeur Mattinson were like oh
you don't even know! ;)

Haha such an amazing week and I'm excited for all the adventures we're
going to have here in Marseille! I love you all so much!

Soeur Kearney

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