Monday, 12 October 2015

The miracles here in Clermont Ferrand have been amazing lately! We
were able to fix another baptismal date this week! It's for our ami
Aptolinaire. He's from the Ivory Coast and is so ready! When we
invited him to be baptized his answer was "of course!" So cool! He
watched general conference with us this weekend and loved it!

We also had an amazing lesson with our ami Marie-José. We talked about
Joseph smith and then we watched a video about the first vision. After
the video we asked how she felt about it and she just started to cry!
She told us how she knows that Heavenly Father is so mindful of her
and that it was a miracle the day we got on her bus. She is
progressing so well! She had surgery on her foot a couple weeks ago so
we are working on finding a way to get her to church.

ALSO! We hadn't heard from Alexandre and Ghislaine this whole week and
we were getting kinda worried. Saturday night Alexandre called us to
tell us.... THEY STOPPED SMOKING!!!!! Aaahhhhh!! They both haven't
smoked a cigarette in a week! Me and Soeur Mattinson freaked out haha.
I think we scared him a little because we were both screaming and
jumping around haha. Now they're getting the papers starts for their
wedding and they'll hopefully have everything in order to be baptized
the 14th of November along with Aptolinaire and Marie-José.

On top of all that at it was conference this week! I love general
conference so much! We're so blessed to have living prophets and
apostles who are able to give us direction in our day. One of my
favorite talks was by Elder Larry R. Lawrence. He talked about how the
Holy Ghost will give us customized answers to help us know how we can
improve. He promised us that if we ask the Holy Ghost will tell us
exactly what we need to do to change and be better. I know I did it
and I got an answer of something I can change over the next couple
weeks and I'm excited to keep doing that!

I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for time I have to be a missionary.
Gros bisous,
Soeur Kearney

Master Taco with Soeur Wilsher and Soeur Fagg!!!! 

This is Sister Mahaffey! Her and her husband are the new senior couple in the mission and before the used to serve in... THE MONTREAL MISSION WITH TAYLOR! Also with Lindsey buuuut I couldn't remember Lindsey's maiden name so they weren't sure who I was talking about. 

Elder Szuch

Elder Humphrey and Soeur Wilsher

We ran into a member from my old Ward in the gare, Victor!

We had a chocolate explosion in our kitchen. Sister missionaries can't arrive empty handed! 

Attempting to take a selfie at the Ward activity! 

Mehorani's first birthday! 

Sooooo I had raclette for the first time last week! Angelina and Paul found out I had never had raclette so when they saw raclette cheese at the grocery store they bought it and surprised us Sunday!!! It was SOOOOO good! 

Dinner with the Villiermes Family

So once a week we teach English class and this week only our loyal
student Bernard showed up haha.

we went to Séverine's house for dinner this week. It was the first
time she's had missionaries over since she was less active for a long
time and her husband isn't a member. Anyways, she made us these cute
bags with a candle inside that says "La charité ne peri jamais" which
is the relief society motto in French!

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