Thursday, 24 September 2015

So in our mission we have a standard of excellence to teach 20 lessons
a week. In Lyon it wasn't that hard to teach 20 lessons cause there's
just tons of people so we'd probably do it once a transfer. Here
though it's been a bit harder but this week Soeur Mattinson and I
really wanted to teach 20 lessons and we did it!! We worked so hard
but it was so cool how we really fixed goals of how many lessons we
wanted to have each day and it helped us to push ourselves a lot more
then we have other weeks.

One of the people we taught this week was Joel. He just moved here
from Congo a couple months ago and he was very excited to talk to us
about God. During our first rdv we asked him if we could start with a
prayer and he says of course sisters! Then he starts singing in
Lingala! Neither me or Soeur Mattinson knew what to do so we just
kinda sat there for a few notes while he sang and then he said amen
and we were like yaaa... Haha super awkward! He came to church though
on Sunday! :)

Then on Sunday we were at church and a member comes and grabs us out
of Sunday school. This lady, Mme. Gouttebel, had been curious about
our church for years but never had the courage to come and see but
this Sunday she did! She's the sweetest lady and we were able to fix a
rdv for later this week.

After church on Sunday we had to have 2 more lessons to reach 20. We
had one fixed so we knew me had to find one through contacting. We
told ourselves that we weren't able to have lunch until we taught a
lesson so we decided we'd ride the tram towards our apartment and
hopefully find one on the tram and then we'd be able to go eat lunch.
As we get to the tram stop we see members there. Usually we'd be
excited but it kinda means that we have to talk to the members until
they get off the tram but I was really hungry haha. So I was like
Franck, want to go contacting with me? And he was like uh ya, I can
probably teach with you later this week and I was like no, like want
to contact with me right now? And he was like uhhh... Ok... Haha so
off we went! We started talking to this girl in the tram and at first
it isn't really going anywhere, she says that she isn't a religious
person and I'm like uh oh.. We're gonna get shot down and this is
gonna be really awkward with Franck here haha. BUT then she asks what
is the difference between you and the Catholic Church and I was like
WELL, let me tell you about temples! And so we had a lesson with her,
taught her all about temples. Franck even bore his testimony about the
blessings of the temple for families! It was the coolest thing ever!

This week has just been full of miracles and I've been so grateful to
for the opportunity I've had to be here serving the Lord. It's such a
blessing to get to here each day and to learn more about the gospel.

Je vous aime!
Soeur Kearney

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