Monday, 14 September 2015

This week was a crazy week! Think about the worst thing that could
happen to a missionary, well that happened to me. I lost my
companion!!! It was the most terrifying moment ever! So we were riding
the tram and we had to go from one terminus to almost the other end
which is like a forever long ride. So we were both talking to
different people on the tram and as I finished a conversation I looked
up and we were at our stop! So I jumped up and look around for Soeur
Mattinson but I couldn't see her. I was so confused because I swore
like 2 minutes ago she was talking to someone behind me. So I look
outside and inside, totally freaking out. Finally the doors are
closing and I had to make a choice, so I jumped out hoping my
companion did as well! The tram drives away and I'm looking around for
Soeur Mattinson and I don't see her but I see a member that we were
meeting so I walk over and she smiles and then looks at me funny and
asks where my companion is and I'm like uhh.. I think she's on the
tram. And Ronja was like the tram that's driving away and I was like
ya... So we both totally freak out and I have the phone so we can't
call her! We looked at tram times and the next one was going in the
same direction in 10 minutes but there was one coming from the other
in 5! So we said if she wasn't on the one coming back that we'd hop on
the other tram and try and find her. So we're waiting and waiting and
I swear this was the longest 5 minutes of my life! Finally I see the
most wonderful sight ever! My companion!!! Soeur Mattinson forgot to
get off at our stop and so she got off at the next one and RAN all the
way back! She even beat the tram! Haha so the cheesy image you have in
your head of two long lost friends being reunited was us haha.
Everyone thought we were crazy. Then we called the zone leaders to let
them know what happened and they burst out laughing and said oh ya..
We lost one of the new missionaries in the metro today too. Haha so we
didn't feel as bad. Apparently this kind of thing happens a lot in our
mission! #publictransport

The rest of the week was tons of fun! There are two new young adults
in our Ward. Amanda is from America and Ronja is from Findland so they
both speak English! It means a lot of translating at church but they
are both so fun! We've been able to spend some time with them this
week and they're even able to help us teach a bit with our amis who
speak English!

Summer is definitely over here in France! It's been raining A LOT! So
far it hasn't bothered me much because I rather rain way more then the
heat we had this summer! It makes porting interesting though haha. One
day all of our plans fell through so we decide to knock on some doors!
The morning had looked pretty clear but by the afternoon it was
pouring rain. Both of us didn't have good shoes on so our feet were
soaking wet! But we were able to find some really cool people! I think
people are nicer to us when it rains because we are soaking wet and
they kinda feel bad for us haha. But it shows that miracles happen
when we're diligent!

So this week I had a goal to work on charity. And of course the moment
I decide to work on charity everyone start annoying me SO MUCH! Except
for my companion, she's great! But everyone else was making me so
frustrated! People we talked to on the street, Ward leaders, and
especially some of the mission leaders! So this one morning all I
could think about was how mad I was at them all and all of the things
I wanted to say to them. Then as I was praying for my personal study I
really didn't like the way I was feeling. I knew these feelings of
contention were not coming from Christ and I prayed that Heavenly
Father would take away these feelings of contention and help me to
have charity. Then as I was reading the Book of Mormon all of those
feelings went away and for the rest of the day I didn't have one bad
thought about anyone of those people I was mad at. Since that day I've
been able to forget about those things I wanted to say to everyone and
I've really seen my love for them grow. It was really the coolest
thing to see that charity really is a gift that we have to pray for
but it has to be something we truly desire. Before that morning in my
prayers it was just kinda something like oh ya, can you make me love
everyone? But as I truly prayed with a desire to love those I was mad
at Heavenly Father blessed me and helped me.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Je vous aime beaucoup!
Soeur Kearney

So last week while we were doing groceries the wheel on our caddy broke!

Luckily my parents are engineers so I knew what to do! #tapesavestheday 

Waiting for our amis selfies! For some reason everyone was running late this week

We were porting and a guy was super not interested but gave us some pens! Haha I think it was to get us to go away but we were sparked! 

Train selfie!

So one day it came up that I knew how to knit and my companion somehow convinced me to knit her a scarf!

Soeur Mattinson made us hot Chocolate after the very stressful day when we lots each other haha. I love her! 

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