Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A great week this week! (I say that every week but I never know how to
start these things haha). I really love Clermont-Ferrand so much! The
members here are amazing and I love getting to serve them!

Something the bishop has asked us to do is find a family! And to find
a family we need to go finding where families are which means at their
homes! If you ask any missionary porting is not the most efficient way
to find people and I hate it! About 80% of the time people aren't happy
to see us and I just don't like it. So we figured we needed some
motivation to go porting sooo we came up with PORTING PATISSERIES!!!
After we port for 3 hours we get to have a patisserie and it's totally
worth it! We ported 5 hours this week which is about 5 hours more then
we've ported ever before haha. South American missions might get to
baptize a lot of people but here in France we get patisseries.. Kinda
the same thing right? The coolest part is we've actually had some cool
miracles! We have had some great conversations and even taught a lady
once! We were doing our normal spiel about how we're missionaries and
we're here in France to teach people about the Book of Mormon and the
Temple being built in Paris and she's like ok, go, teach me! And we're
like uhhh.. What? I don't think you heard us right.. We're the
MORMONS. This would usually be were you tell us you're not interested
haha. But we taught her and had a great lesson! She asked tons of
questions! It was the coolest!

This week we also got to visit la famille Vega. They're actually from
Peru so they both speak Spanish, Soeur Vega speaks English, and Frere
Vega speaks French! Haha so there wasn't a common language that we
could all understand but it was so fun! They have one little girl
Elizabeth and she's adorable. It was so fun to get to know them. We
shared a message about temple and we showed a picture of the temple
and Elizabeth shouts "TEMPLO!" Haha it's cool to see that no matter
how young our children our we can start teaching them simple truths
about the gospel right away.

Our amis Alexandre and Ghislaine are doing great! They have made TONS
of progress with quitting smoking and it's been such a privilege to
witness. Your prayers are working so thank you all so much! It's the
coolest to go to their house and be able to breath normal air haha.
They have such a light about them now, it's incredible!

Sunday afternoon we decided to visit this really old catholic lady
Giselle, and her husband Roland. We contacted into her a couple weeks
ago and had been meaning to pass again. So we went bearing gifts of
cookies (which by the way they don't have here in France.) it was so
fun! They talked to us for about 2 hours of they're life adventures.
They have travelled everywhere! Then we taught them a little about the
church, at the end of it Giselle is going on about how sweet and nice
we were, all the good stuff. Then she said that years ago there was
this cult that kept sending young boys trying to recruit people, it
was always two young boys in white shirts and ties. So now me and
Soeur Mattinson are like uh oh... Who's she going to say.. And Giselle
keeps going on "Oh what were they called, Roland what's that cult
called we didn't like?" And me and Sr. Mattinson we like oh no...
Please say the Jehovah Witness'.. Finally she says "Oh, the Mormons!"
Whoops! Seems like we forgot to mention that part haha. I was just
gonna let her have it but my companion is much braver then I am and
explained that we were also the Mormons haha, for a while we didn't
believe it but then finally we showed her the Book of Mormon. Luckily
she was pleasantly surprised and invited us to go over again next
week, phew!

Haha in all, we had a wonderful week with lots of laughs! I love
getting to be a missionary! I wake up everyday and get to this about
other people and never worry about myself! It's an amazing gift to be

Je vous aime!
Soeur Kearney

We went contacting in a beautiful park in Royat. A ville just outside
of Clermont 

Jenna wore one of my tags cause she forgot hers! Haha Soeur Kearney
takes the Canada Winnipeg Mission!

Here in France they have unicorn graffiti haha.

So, there's this old lady less active we visit every Saturday, Sr.
Bartin. Everywhere we do the same thing, we show up and she has
patisseries ready for us, then while we eat she tells us about her
Arab boyfriend she had. Then we so 3 hymns, she reads from the Book of
Mormon until she's tired and then we say a prayer haha. Just saying,
when I'm old and crazy I totally expect the sister missionaries to
come visit me once a week! I've put my time in! Haha but she's so
wonderful and these where the patisseries she got us this week! Yummy!

I found these jem stickers at the mall the other week and I bedazzled
my planner!!!

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