Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Transfer calls were this week annnndd... I'm staying in Clermont with
Soeur Mattinson!! I'm sooooo excited! First off because Clermont is so
beautiful and I love the ward here but also because Soeur Mattinson is
amazing! I love her so much and I'm so excited to get to spend another
transfer with her! I've never been with a companion for more then 1
transfer so I'm kinda nervous that Soeur Mattinson will figure out how
weird I actually am and not like my anymore but she assures me that
she already knows and still loves me haha.

We also got to go to Lyon this week for a district meeting! It was
super fun! I love going back to Lyon and because we're in the Lyon
zone we go almost every week for meetings! Yay! Haha at the district
meeting we did these things called "flan sucks." And so flan is this
French dessert that is somewhere in between pudding and jello. And so
you put the flan on a plate and you want to suck it up and swallow it
one fluid motion. Haha the elders are all really good at it and so we
did it at district meeting and just saying, I held my own! Wasn't the
best but like wasn't awful! Haha we asked a member in our Ward who
served in the Paris mission 10 years ago and he said they also did it
when he was on his mission haha. So it's totally a thing...
Missionaries are really weird.

We have 2 Amis Alexandre and Ghislaine who are amazing! They have been
progressing so well and have really strong testimonies! They have a
baptism date for October 3rd and tomorrow they're quitting smoking.
It's the only thing that is keeping them from being baptized but it's
going to be very hard for them. They have both been smoking since they
were 14 and smoke up to 3 packs a day. So if you could include them in
your prayers that would be amazing!

Thank you all so much for the support and love you give me. I love and
miss you all a lot!
Soeur Kearney

Our ami, Hamza, needed help carrying melons to his pet pig (don't ask)
and so of course we helped him, skirts and all! After he let me smash
some up to give to Cochon. Very therapeutic
So we didn't do the dishes for a while and so we had to play Tetris so
they would all dry haha

District meeting picture

We went over to the Rapinat's house for dinner and they had Canadian
maple syrup!!!

La famille Rapinat!

So we helped la famille Affoue clean out this really old house they
bought. And like, this house is older then Canada haha. No one had
lived in it for 50 years! So anyways as we were cleaning it out we
found this little treasure! So after the necessary freak out we took

Some of these books were 100 years old!

Lydie helped us with out spiritual thought!

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