Tuesday, 11 August 2015

This has been a crazy hectic super fun week! We were back and forth
from Lyon all week for meetings. Lots of 4am train rides but trains
are super fun so it's ok.

Tuesday was Jedi council which was so cool! Usually I wouldn't be
invited to that because I'm not an STL but president asked me to come
and it was so fun! First off, it's all the zone leaders and stl's in
the mission so it's just like the top missionaries and it was so cool
to be around all of them. What we did was president shared his vision
for the mission and what he wants us to do then we spent the rest of
the day brainstorming how we're going to get the mission there. His
big push is the temple! It's not a coincidence that the temple is
being built in Paris. It's means that France is ready for this temple
and we need to prepare them! So now instead of just extending
baptismal invitations were also going to extend invitations to go to
the temple after their baptism! Every conversation we have we want to
talk about temples. It was amazing to see the ideas we came up with
together and how we're going to implement this. As I thought about it
I really realized how the temple has been like the missing part of our
teaching! In the Old Testament they built temples and Christ taught a
lot in the temple so of course the restored church with have temples!
Plan of salvation goes perfect with temples. Like you can be with
you're family forever if you're sealed in the temple. The gospel:
Faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, endure to the
end... Endowment! Ha President came up with that one! But how do we
endure to the end? By making covenants in the temple. I LOVE TEMPLES!

A cool miracle we saw this week was with our Amis Alexandre and
Ghislaine. They're really wonderful buuuuut they smoke... A LOT! And
their house is filthy... Like way gross. So I've been struggling to
feel the spirit and really create a good relationship with them
because all I can focus on when we teach them is the mess or the weird
smells. Anyways we taught about temples with them and we were like
hey, can we bring a picture of the temple next time? And they were
like of course! No problem! So then I went a little overboard and
brought like 10 pictures of different temples and a few of Christ and
when we showed them they were SO excited! Right away we put the
pictures up around the house and I was really able to feel the love I
had for them. To see them so excited about the temple that they wanted
to put pictures of the temple up all over their house was the coolest.
And during the lesson I felt the spirit so much more.

Today for p day we went on a hike! That's right everyone, you heard
right! I went on a hike! It wasn't even against my will or anything!
Theirs volcanos around and theirs one that has a really good hike, so
we figured we'd tried it! Yaaaa.... IT WAS THE STEEPEST HIKE EVER!
Hahaha but I wanted to make everyone aware that I actually did it and
I only complained like a lot. But it's ok we did it and the view was
worth it!

Je vous aime beaucoup!
Soeur Kearney

View of clermont from the top! The black speck in the middle is the
cathedral we went to last week.

So we came across this huge snail and I tried to convince soeur
mattinson to let me take it home so we could try and make escargot but
she didn't think it was a good idea.

View from the top

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