Monday, 27 July 2015

Ok so to start off I totally spelt my new ville wrong and I didn't
realize till Grandma and Grampy tied to Google stalk my new ville
haha. So anyways I LOVE Clermont-FERRAND. Haha this ville is soooooooo
beautiful. It's a student town so it's kinda quiet for now but so
beautiful. There's a volcano not too far from here and so there's tons
of hills here. I'm gonna get fit this transfer! The ward here is
AMAZING! Like we've had members text US to see if they could help us.
Like what? Haha amazing! The members have been so helpful since they
all knew we were new! I love it here!

Sister Mattinson is amazing as well! She's from Utah (of course haha).
We have so much fun together! She's super laid back and a super hard
worker so we get along really well. And she laughs at all of my jokes
sooo this is a guaranteed great transfer haha.

Our first day in Clermont was kinda overwhelming. An entire new ville
and neither of us knew what we were doing. So we studied the area
book, did lots of mapping, and then hit the pavement! We have a few
Amis here who are great so we got to visit them! There's a couple were
teaching, Alexandre and Ghislaine and they're amazing! They have tons
of faith and are progressing towards baptism! And my favorite thing
is... They're gonna get married!!! Yay! I love weddings haha. When
they told us I totally freaked out and like started planning their
wedding and they were like uh ya.. We're just gonna go to city hall
but I convinced them to let us do a little party with the ward after!
Yay! Also they are both quitting smoking! Alexander used to smoke 5
packs a day and in 3 weeks he's down to less then one! If that's not a
miracle I don't know what is! I'm so excited for both of them!

One of our coolest miracles this week happened on Thursday! We had
lots of plans made and some solid back up plans but everything fell
through (I feel like this is how every missionary miracle story starts
haha). So we were like well, let's go contacting! So we ask a dude how
we can get to centre ville and he tells us to take this bus which
totally did NOT take us to centre ville so we got off at a stop and we
could see the big cathedral which is near centre ville and start
walking in that direction. We contact on the way and we contact this
one lady who right away is like oh, I'm part of your church! So we
think she's a member from the ward since we knew no one and she had
lots of bags so we asked if we could help her and she said yes! We
start walking back to her apartment and we figure out that she's a
less active! She got baptized in Portugal but then moved back to
France and had never been to church! So she's not on our record or
anything! It was so cool because she said literally 5 minutes before
we contacted her she was thinking about how she needs to go back to
church! Her name is Christina! She's the nicest and is our new best
friend haha. It's just blew our minds how Heavenly Father can take 2
sister missionaries who are totally lost and put us in the perfect
place at the perfect time!

I love you all so much!
Soeur Kearney

So it rained one of our first days here. This was the view from our
apartment haha #welcometoclermont

Cute little streets

Some of the streets in Clermont

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