Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hello everyone! 

This week has been super fun but kinda slow! So here in France, summer vacation is taken VERY seriously haha. It's the weirdest thing. EVERYONE goes on vacation and not just like for a week but like at least 3 weeks. So everyone we contact is either not from here or they're leaving on vacation like tomorrow haha. All of our Amis are on vacation and so are all the members! But we are still seeing miracles and taking the extra down time to do some porting! 

Porting has been an interesting experience because in Lyon we never did porting! That city was too big and no one had actual houses! But here there are lots of doors to port so it's been fun. We are really trying to find a family this transfer because our Ward really needs some more families! And the best place to find those families are at their home! We've had some really good conversations and we've seen some cool miracles when we bring up the temple in our first contact. Most people haven't heard of a temple and they really like it when we tell them that France is gonna have one of their very own soon! 

Monday we had zone conference! It was a multi-zone conference so there were 4 zones there which meant... I got to see Soeur Fagg! Yay! We slept at the stls apartment the night before conference. 14 sisters in one apartment! Yes, you heard right! They have bunk beds, 3 beds high! #moreroomforactivities Haha morning of was kinda crazy but it was tons of fun! 

Conference itself was awesome! I love getting to learn from President and Sister Brown. They are both so inspired. President talked lots about temples (of course haha) and how we can use it in our contacting. Sister Brown is seriously the funniest! She's a Cali girl and loves her diet coke haha. She always has the funniest stories about her dating life when she was younger and then somehow ties it back to the gospel. 

Also, this week I hit my 6 month mark! I can't believe I've been out 6 months! So I decided to make a list of some of my favorite French sayings because lately I've gotten over the hump of not liking French to super loving it haha.

Favorite French Words/ Sayings:

J'ai pas l'envie - I don't want too. 
M'en fiche - a way to say I don't care. Haha one time we were at a ward meal and a kiche fell on the ground and one of the Elders said "m'enkiche" and it was really hilarious. 
Ça souffit - That's enough! We hear that a lot when moms are getting mad at their kids 
Tu m'énerves - you're getting on my nerves! Haha this is another great one that moms say to their kids, 
Ananas- it means pineapple but it's just really fun to say. 

Haha so I realized most of these are kinda mean but they're really fun to say haha. I don't use them often though, don't worry haha. But I'll totally use it on my kids when I start getting mad and then they'll know when mom starts talking French she means business haha.

I'm so grateful to be out here on my mission! I learn so much everyday! It's amazing! The most important things I've learnt is that families are essential. They are everything and are most important thing in life is to build a strong family and that starts with the temple! The gospel is real. It's not something we hope is real. It's real. It's tangible. And I get to share it with everyone everyday! 

Je vous aime beaucoup! 
Soeur Kearney 

We had zone conference yesterday and Soeur brown taught us a hands on
lesson which meant we got to have a little competition! It was super

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