Monday, 20 July 2015

Hi everyone! 

So we've had a super busy week! 

Tuesday we had zone conference and met President and Soeur Brown! They're both wonderful! I love them tons! President Brown is really amazing! He was talking about how he served here many many many years ago and ever since then he's been waiting and praying for a temple to be built in France. Now they are in the middle of building one and we're the chosen missionaries to prepare France for the hosue of the Lord to be on French soil! Woah, it's a big responsibility. But he's right! The temple is coming soon and we need to prepare members, less-actives, recent converts, and non-members for this! Miracles are coming to France! It's funny because the temple is being built in Paris which isn't in our mission so it almost feels like it's in a different country, so I never thought of it much but now it's time to get to work! 

Also this week was transfer calls! We get our calls Friday mornings and it is the most nerve wracking morning of the whole transfer! We wait and wait and your fun keeps going off from friends telling you where they're going. Of course, my zone was the LAST zone to get our transfer calls! Finally at 10:30 President called aaaannnnddd I'll be going to Clermont-Ferront! AND my companion and I will be white washing the area! That means that both me and Soeur Mattionson (my new companion) are new to the area. Usually you have one companion who knows the area, the amis, the members but we both know NOTHING! It's going to be a big adventure and we'll be getting lots a lot but I'm excited for the challenge. Something that Jenna has sent to me lots throughout my mission so far is "there's no growth in comfort and no comfort in growth." It's very true so I'm excited to have the opportunity to grow and change. 

Goodbyes are hard though, I don't like them at all. I love this ward and this city so so much. I have learnt so much from everyone here so I'm going to miss them tons. There are some special people here in the Portes des Alpes ward. If anyone comes to visit Lyon be sure to stop by the Portes des Alpes ward! Sundays at 9; 19 rue Jean Bourgey ;) 

I love you all so much! 

Soeur Kearney

Zone Conference


A member had all the missionaries over for Bastille Day!

So there's guards outside of the church because of the recent
terrorist attacks (don't worry, it's just a precaution, there is no
real threat for us!) and they're our best friends. They always make
fun of us because we're always late and we're always running to make
it to our rdvs on time.


The Leroux family! I'm going to miss this family tons!

Elder Szuch and Elder Lister also got transferred! And Antoine wanted
to be in our picture haha

Our ami Desiré! He's the coolest!

Our ami Baptiste and his girlfriend Yvalanie (she's a member in our
ward) I love them so much and I WILL be invited to their wedding,
wether they know it or not ;)

The young adults had a picnic for me last night to say goodbye!

This is my favorite flower shop in Lyon! It's right by a bus stop that
we take almost everyday and they always have the most beautiful

All Packed!

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