Thursday, 16 July 2015

Bonjour à tous! 

This week was a great week! We started out this week by going SHOPPING! Haha on p-day all the sisters in Lyon hit up SOLDES! What are soldes you ask? So in France they have soldes (sales) 2 times a year. But these sales are just normal sales, they are all marked down like 40-70% off! And it's not just certain stores but every single store in France! It's the best! The malls are crazy but they're so fun! I was able to get some good summer clothes because I didn't really pack for this crazy heat, that's my bad haha. 

We also spent a lot of this week helping a family in our ward. They had the two youngest boys getting baptized on saturday and the oldest son getting home from his mission on wednesday! So it was craziness! They've had a lot of trials the past two years and so it was really special to help them get all prepared for the homecoming and the baptisms and then to see them get to enjoy these special moments. Especially the baptism. It was done in a pool at a member house in Vienne (a little outside of Lyon). Saturday was just a super special day and the spirit was very strong.

The work is going good in Lyon! We're spoiled here compared to some of the smaller cities in our misison. There are tons of cities in the mission that struggle to get amis because the cities are so small. But here in Lyon we have tons! The only problem we're having lately is keeping them engaged! They don't keep their engagements or come to some of the rendez-vous we fix. So if you could all add to your prayer list that the amis in the portes des alpes secteur would engage themselves that would be awesome! 

Today we had a zone p-day! We all went to parc tete d'or and had a nice little picnic. I even played football! Haha not really but kinda. The elders were playing and some of the sisters were like oh we'll give it a try. BUT because we're missionaries only sisters can cover sisters and elders cover elders. At first the elders wouldn't really pass it to us because us sisters were just doing n'importe quoi but then they realized that if they pass it to us the elders can do anything we just run and boom, touchdown! Haha so then it got more interesting! 

That's it for this week! I love you all so much and I want you all to know how much I love my mission! It's a privilege to wear the name of Jesus Christ on my heart everyday! 

Je vous aime trop! 
Soeur Kearney

Train ride! #trainsareourlife

So we went to the Leroux family's for dinner on Sunday and they have 3
snakes. They finally convinced the elders to hold it and then me and
soeur bolanos had to get in on it as well!

France is getting all decorated for Bastille Day tomorrow!

Some of you may know that I love playing the game werewolves! Well..
The French do too!!!

Zone pday = zone selfie!

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