Tuesday, 26 May 2015

IPADS!!! Haha we finally got them! They came in Saturday so we had
zone training yesterday and we got them! Each missionary has their own
ipad to help us further the work! We're starting slow by just using
them to share videos and scriptures during our lessons but soon we'll
do video conference lessons and then... Facebook! Lots of exciting new
things happening for the Lyon mission!

We talked lots about how to use the iPad. At the mission conference
they talked a lot aboUt how they're trying to help train this
generation on how to use technology correctly that way we can go home
and teach our children. Technology is an amazing gift that Heavenly
Father has given us but it has to be used correctly or it affects our

Soeur Tupai is still pretty sick. We've been spending lots of time at
the dentist! It's a little hard because there isn't too much to do for
me when we stay in. Pretty sure I've read every book in our apartment
, twice! But it's great to study! I've really been focusing on being
the fourth missionary. It's all about being happy doing the lords will
and leaving behind your own desires. It's a little hard but I really
want to do it!

I love you all so much and I'm so grateful that you all support me so much!

Soeur Kearney

So my parents went to Italy and they took a million pictures of cool doors. So I figured I would take one too!

We went to vieux Lyon last pday!

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