Tuesday, 19 May 2015


So an interesting week for us! It was a slow week because Soeur Tupai's wisdom teeth are coming in and so she's been in a lot of pain! She's taking some medicine now but it makes her way tired. So we spent a lot of time at home and I'm going a little crazy haha. I studied TONS this week which was great! I read this thing about "The Fourth Missionary." It's a talk given by some dude but it's super awesome! It talks about how there are 4 different kids of missionaries and pretty much I want to be a 4th missionary! The difference between them and the other types of missionaries is that the 4th missionary chooses to be happy no matter what they're situation is! So I'm working really hard on just being positive no matter what! Someone gets mad at us on the street? That's ok! 

We have a new engager this week! Her name is Gloria! She's from Spain and is SO prepared for for baptism! It's amazing. Her brother was visiting from Spain this week and he's a member so he was really able to bear testimony about the importance of baptism, So we're excited for her! 

Liliana is also progressing really well! She's from Mexico and is doing so great at keeping the comitments we give her! Her and Gloria were both at church on Sunday so it was a busy day! Which is the best! 

Ok so I ate the BEST fried chicken in the world this week! A member had us over for dinner and she made fried chicken and I'm pretty sure I went to heaven! Just thought I should mention that haha

Thank for all the love that you give me each week! You are all amazing and I'm so grateful for everything you all do! 

Love Soeur Kearney

​Skype for Mothers Day! 

Lunch at Vanaquer's! Their kids are the sweetest! 

They got me maply syrup!!!!!!!!! Haha Frere Vanaquer was in Utah and brought it all the way back just for me! Now we're eating pancakes for just about every meal haha #canadianwins

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