Monday, 4 May 2015

Iaorana!!!!!!! (that means bonjour in tahitian)
That's pretty much the only tahitian I've learnt so far but we have 5 weeks left to go! Soeur Tupai is really great! Every morning for companionship study we sing a hymm to start. So the first day Soeur Tupai just pulls out her ukulele and starts playing a hymm. It's the coolest! Not sure how our neighbours feel about the ukulele every morning at 9am but we haven't gotten any complaints yet haha.
We had a pretty great week this week! Soeur Tupai was sick so it was a little slower then normal but that's ok. She's feeling much better today so we can get back to work! One of our amis dropped us this week which was sad. I really love Hanan and it was hard to hear that she didn't want to see us anymore. Pretty much like getting dumped haha. But it's ok, it isn't the right time for her right now but one day she'll find the missionaries again!
The rest of our amis are progressing really well! Sunday was amazing this week! We had 2 of our progressing amis come to church, one of our less actives came, AND Laura our recent convert invited her friend Gloria to church and now Gloria is one of our new amis! It was amazing! To top it all off it was testimony meeting this sunday and almost everyone bore their testimony about missionary work! I swear, we didn't ask them to! Bishop Roux bore his testimony first and said how the members need to invite us over more! We have a mangez-vous almost everyday this week! Thank you Bishop!
Member missionary work is so important because without members isn't almost impossible to do missionary work! I'm so grateful that our ward is starting to get excited again and really starting to help us out. With their help we are really able to see miracles.
On Friday we had blues conference so I got to see all the sisters again! After our first transfer President has a conference with all the new missionaries just to pump us up again and to make sure we're all alive haha. We're happy to report that all of the blues made it through our first transfer! It was so great to have the time to see everyone again. It was hard saying goodbye to Sister Wilsher and Sister Fagg. Since they're in Switzerland we don't usually get to see them except special occasions. So there's a chance that I won't see them until the end of my mission! It was hard but we will keep in tough and hopefully one day I'll be companions with one of them! Luckily though Sister McClellan is still in my distrct so I'll see her on Thursday!
I love you all so much!!!
Soeur Kearney

We found a road called "rue de la Famille" So I took a picture with me and my family! You can't see but they're on my booklet haha. 

Blues Conference! Loved being able to spend a day with Soeur Fagg, Soeur Wilsher, and Soeur McClellan!

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