Thursday, 30 April 2015

Hi everyone!!! I have so many things to tell you so I'll get right to it! 

The most amazing thing happened Tuesday! So me and Soeur Benitez were on our way home from a rendez-vous with a less active. We were trying to text our ward mission leader about it but we couldn't figure out how to spell pregnant in french (it's encent or something like that). Anyways we tried like 4 times and finally I was just like oh let's just ask someone! So I asked the next person we saw. He laughed at us but was kind enough to show us and then because we're missionaries we started to tell him a little about who we are and the message we share. He was really interested so we fixed a rendez-vous for the next day and said a quick prayer with him. After the prayer he said that that was exactly what he needed, he thanked us, then walked away. We were like wow cool. What's so amazing about that? Just wait! So Wednesday he comes to our rendez-vous and we start talking and he shared with us that tuesday night he was planning on killing himself but because he met us he didn't!!!!! He is so interested about the gospel and has been reading every night! He even ASKED us if he could come to church, umm YES! It was such a spiritual lesson and so amazing to see the way the Lord works. I really realized this week that I am just a small intrument in God's greater plan. I did nothing special! Heck, I asked him to spell pregnant! But Heavenly Father put us in his path at that exact time because He knew that the gospel would literally save his life. 

Ok, next, Mission Conference!!!!! It was amazing! First of all, so I'm like super new in the mission and pretty much know nobody! But I got to see Soeur McClellan, Soeur Wilsher, and soeur Fagg!!!!!!!! Soeur Wilsher and Soeur Fagg are in switzerland so I hadn't seen them for 6 weeks! We had a teary reunion and spent tons of time catching up! I love the 3 of them so much!!!! 

Then the real conference.. so no ipads... YET! They were supposed to arrive this week but they're somehwere over the atlantic right now haha. So we'll be receiving them in a couple weeks!!! It's amazing what the church is coming up with to move the work forward! Elder Nielson (he gave the talk about his sister who was less active) told us that the prophet and apostles all use ipads for everything so if there are members who don't like the idea of ipads to tell them to get with it! Haha in a nice missionary way of course! But soon the vision is for every missionary to have an iPad. They would get them in the MTC instead of the 15 pounds of books we get! They are also coming up with a 12 week program like the one we have for our first 12 weeks in the mission field but it's for the last 12 weeks! Elder Nielson said it's to help teach missionaries how to ask for dates again hahaha. But really it's going to be there to help make our transition easier for when we get home! I will be sure to let you all know when we get the ipads! I'm so excited to see how the work is going to move forward! 

Last thing I know you are all waiting for... transfer calls... I'M TRAINING! Ha, just kidding, I would die! I'm still just a blue but Soeur Benitez has finished her mission so I've gotten a new companion, Soeur Tupai! She's hilarious so I'm super excited for our transfer together. She's from Tahiti which means she's a native french speaker! Hopefully my french will improve lots from her! This is her last transfer as well so I'll be getting another new companion after this transfer! That makes my kill count up to 2! (when a missionary goes home we say they died and their last companion is the one who killed them.... missionaries are weird)

That's it for this week! I love you all so much! Thank you for all the support you all give me, it truly makes a difference! 


Soeur Kearney 

This is the taco that the Elders get! It's 1kg! And they always eat it all! 

We went to Master Taco thos week! It's a mission thing, not sure why but it is. All the people that work there know the missionaries! 

Reunited!!!!! It was so amazing to see these 3 this weekend! 

Me and Soeur Fagg! 

So Soeur Tupai did not like the way that the apartment was set up so we're changing everything!!! Our project last night was taking apart the bunkbed to move it to a different room! I'm pleased to report that all went well and we were able to sleep in our beds last night without it collapsing! We only had a few extra screws so i'm sure we'll be fine ;) I'm also pleased to report that I did all this while in a skrit! #sistermissionarywins

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